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Key Dates in the 1997 Economic Census

November 1996 10,000 of the largest companies received a booklet describing the census and a letter listing forms their companies will get in December 1997
January 1997 Beginning of period for which census data were collected
January 1997 Large multi-unit companies received form NC-9901, 1996 Report of Organization
Fall 1997 Beginning of publicity for 1997 Economic Census
Mid-December 1997 All companies received census forms
February 12, 1998 Due date for return of census forms
Early 1999 Advance Report, with national totals for industry groups (2- and 3-digit SIC, 2-, 3-, and 4-digit NAICS)
Early to late 1999 Industry Series reports for manufacturing, mining, and construction
Spring 1999 to early 2000 Geographic Area Series reports for states, metro areas, counties and cities
Spring 2000 Comparative Statistics for U.S. and states (only report with SIC data comparable to that published for 1992)
Spring 2000 Bridge Between NAICS and SIC
2000-2001 Subject reports, ZIP Code Statistics, and other reports
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