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Note: Sample 2002 Economic Census forms are also available.

Sample forms are stored as page images in PDF format, and may be viewed with the Acrobat Reader (free from ADOBE site) Most census forms are legal length (8 1/2 by 14"). If your printer only has letter size paper (8 1/2 by 11") you may print on two pages or check "Shrink to fit" at the bottom of the print window for a reduced size print.

AU-9202 Auxiliary establishments
CC-1508 to CC-1798 Construction Industries
FI-6001 to FI-6700 Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate Industries
MC-2001 to MC-3912 Manufacturing
MI-1001 to MI-1403 Mineral Industries
NC-9923 to NC-9926 General Classification
RT-5201 to RT-7002 Retail Trade
SV-7201 to SV-8900 Service Industries
UT-4100 to UT-4900 Transportation, Communications, and Utilities
WH-5012 to WH-5199 Wholesale Trade (Distributive Trades)

OA-9819 to OA-9883 Forms used in Puerto Rico and U.S. territories
TC-9501 to TC-9504 Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey
MB-1 to MB-2 Minority- and Women-Owned Business
B151(S) to B500(SE) Business Expenditures