1997 Economic Census: Sample Forms

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Sample forms are stored as page images in PDF format, and may be viewed with the Acrobat Reader (free from ADOBE site) Most census forms are legal length (8 1/2 by 14"). If your printer only has letter size paper (8 1/2 by 11") you may print on two pages or check "Shrink to fit" at the bottom of the print window for a reduced size print.

Auxiliary Establishments

Title Instructions
AU-9202 Auxiliary Establishments Instructions
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Construction Industries

CC-1508 General Building Contractors
CC-1608 Heavy Construction
CC-1718 Plumbing, Heating, and Air-Conditioning
CC-1728 Painting and Paper Hanging
CC-1738 Electrical Work
CC-1748 Masonry, Stonework, and Plastering
CC-1758 Carpentry and Floor Work
CC-1768 Roofing, Siding, and Sheet Metal Work
CC-1778 Concrete Work
CC-1788 Miscellaneous Special Trade Contractors
CC-1798 Special Trades Contractors, Not Elsewhere Classified
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Financial, Insurance, and Real Estate Industries

Title Instructions
FI-6001 Banks, Savings Institutions, Other Depository, Except Credit Unions (single-location firms) Instructions for
single units, multi-units
FI-6002 Credit Unions
FI-6003 Foreign Banks and International Trade Finance
FI-6010 Banks, Savings Institutions, Other Depository, Except Credit Unions (multiple-location firms) Instructions
FI-6101 Nondepository Credit Intermediaries Instructions for
single units, multi-units
FI-6102 Activities Related to Credit Intermediation
FI-6200 Securities, Commodity and Other Investment Brokers, Dealers
FI-6301 Life, Accident, and Health Insurance Carriers (single-location firms)
FI-6302 Property and Casualty and Other Insurance Carriers (single-location firms)
FI-6311 Life, Accident, and Health Insurance Carriers (multiple-location firms) Instructions
FI-6321 Property and Casualty, and Other Insurance Carriers (multiple-location firms)
fi-6399 Insurance Classification Instructions for
single units, multi-units
FI-6400 Insurance Agents, Brokers, and Other Services
FI-6499 Insurance Classification
FI-6501 Real Estate Lessors
FI-6502 Real Estate Agents and Managers
FI-6503 Miscellaneous Real Estate Services
FI-6504 Rental and Leasing of Automotive Equipment (Without Drivers)
FI-6505 Rental and Leasing of Machinery and Equipment
FI-6506 Miscellaneous Rental and Leasing
FI-6597 Classification
FI-6598 Classification
FI-6599 Classification
FI-6700 Miscellaneous Investment Activities

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Each 1997 form has 2 parts. The first 4 pages are called MA-1000 or MC-2000, and are the same for all industries; the industry-specific remainder of each form has an MC- number.
Form Number Title
page 1-4pages 5+
MA-1000 MC-2001 Slaughtering and Meatpacking Plants
MA-1000 MC-2002 Meat Processing Plants
MA-1000 MC-2003 Poultry Products
MA-1000 MC-2004 Dairy Products
MA-1000 MC-2005 Canned Foods
MA-1000 MC-2007 Frozen Foods, Except Frozen Bakery Products
MA-1000 MC-2008 Flour and Other Grain Mill Products
MA-1000 MC-2009 Cereal Preparations and Blended and Prepared Flour
MA-1000 MC-2010 Starch, Corn Products, and Rice Milling
MA-1000 MC-2011 Pet Food and Prepared Feeds
MA-1000 MC-2012 Bakery Products
MA-1000 MC-2013 Sugar
MA-1000 MC-2014 Confectionery
MA-1000 MC-2015 Fats and Oils
MA-1000 MC-2016 Malt and Malt Beverages
MA-1000 MC-2017 Wines and Liquors
MA-1000 MC-2018 Soft Drinks and Flavorings
MA-1000 MC-2019 Fish and Other Seafood
MA-1000 MC-2020 Miscellaneous Food Products
MA-1000 MC-2021 Ice
MA-1000 MC-2022 Coffee
MA-1000 MC-2023 Dried Foods, Pickles, and Macaroni
MA-1000 MC-2024
MA-1000 MC-2025
MA-1000 MC-2075
MA-1000 MC-2076
MA-1000 MC-2101 Tobacco Manufacturing
MA-1000 MC-2201 Weaving Mills (Broadwoven Fabrics) and Tire Cord
MA-1000 MC-2202 Narrow Fabrics (12 Inches or Less in Width)
MA-1000 MC-2203 Hosiery
MA-1000 MC-2204 Knitting Mill Products, Except Hosiery, & Lace Goods
MA-1000 MC-2205 Textile Finishing Plants
MA-1000 MC-2206 Carpet, Rugs, and Mats
MA-1000 MC-2207 Spinning and Throwing of Yarn and Thread
MA-1000 MC-2208 Nonwoven Fabrics and Textile Products, N.E.C.
MA-1000 MC-2209 Coated Fabrics, Except Rubberized, Cordage, & Twine
MA-1000 MC-2301 Apparel
MA-1000 MC-2302 Miscellaneous Apparel and Accessories
MA-1000 MC-2303 Hats, Caps, and Millinery
MA-1000 MC-2304 Gloves and Mittens
MA-1000 MC-2305 Miscellaneous Fabricated Textile Products
MA-1000 MC-2306 Embroideries and Trimmings Products
MA-1000 MC-2371
MA-1000 MC-2374
MA-1000 MC-2375
MA-1000 MC-2401 Logs, Lumber, Hardwood Dimension, and Flooring
MA-1000 MC-2402 Miscellaneous Sawmill Products
MA-1000 MC-2403 Millwork
MA-1000 MC-2404 Veneer and Plywood
MA-1000 MC-2405 Prefabricated Wood Products
MA-1000 MC-2406 Wooden Containers, Pallets, and Cooperage
MA-1000 MC-2407 Manufactured (Mobile) Homes and (Mobile) Buildings
MA-1000 MC-2408 Wood Preserving
MA-1000 MC-2409 Reconstituted Wood Products
MA-1000 MC-2410 Miscellaneous Wood Products
MA-1000 MC-2471
MA-1000 MC-2472
MA-1000 MC-2474
MA-1000 MC-2475
MA-1000 MC-2477
MA-1000 MC-2479
MA-1000 MC-2501 Wood Household Furniture, Except Upholstered
MA-1000 MC-2502 Wood Household Furniture, Upholstered
MA-1000 MC-2503 Metal Household Furniture
MA-1000 MC-2504 Mattresses and Bedsprings
MA-1000 MC-2505 Office, Public Building, Misc. Furniture & Fixtures
MA-1000 MC-2506 Venetian Blinds and Shades
MA-1000 MC-2574
MA-1000 MC-2601 Pulp, Paper, and Paperboard
MA-1000 MC-2603 Envelopes and Die-Cut Paper and Paperboard
MA-1000 MC-2605 Sanitary Paper Products
MA-1000 MC-2606 Stationery, Tablets, and Converted Paper Products
MA-1000 MC-2607 Paperboard Containers and Boxes
MA-1000 MC-2608 Paper Coating and Laminating, Except for Packaging
MA-1000 MC-2609 Flexible Packaging, Including Bags and Sacks
MA-1000 MC-2701 Newspaper Publishing
MA-1000 MC-2702 Periodicals, Books, and Miscellaneous Publishing
MA-1000 MC-2703 Book and Commercial Printing
MA-1000 MC-2704 Manifold Business Forms
MA-1000 MC-2705 Greeting Cards
MA-1000 MC-2706 Bookbinding, Blankbooks, and Looseleaf Binders
MA-1000 MC-2707
MA-1000 MC-2773
MA-1000 MC-2774
MA-1000 MC-2778
MA-1000 MC-2707 Service Industries for the Printing Trade
MA-1000 MC-2801 Industrial Inorganic Chemicals, Except Industrial Gases
MA-1000 MC-2802 Industrial Gases
MA-1000 MC-2803 Plastics Materials and Synthetic Rubber
MA-1000 MC-2804 Manmade Organic Fibers
MA-1000 MC-2805 Drugs and Medicines
MA-1000 MC-2806 Soaps, Polishes, and Related Products
MA-1000 MC-2807 Toilet Preparations
MA-1000 MC-2808 Paints, Putties, and Allied Products
MA-1000 MC-2809 Gum and Wood Chemicals
MA-1000 MC-2810 Industrial Organic Chemicals
MA-1000 MC-2811 Fertilizers
MA-1000 MC-2812 Agricultural Pesticides & Other Agricultural Chemicals
MA-1000 MC-2813 Adhesives and Sealants
MA-1000 MC-2814 Explosives and Carbon Black
MA-1000 MC-2815 Printing Inks
MA-1000 MC-2816 Miscellaneous Chemical Products
MA-1000 MC-2901 Petroleum Products
MA-1000 MC-2902 Asphalt and Tar Roofing, Siding, and Paving Products
MA-1000 MC-3001 Tires and Inner Tubes
MA-1000 MC-3002 Rubber and Plastics Footwear
MA-1000 MC-3003 Rubber and Plastics Hose and Belting
MA-1000 MC-3004 Fabricated Rubber Products, N.E.C.
MA-1000 MC-3006 Gaskets and Packing
MA-1000 MC-3007 Custom Compounding of Purchased Resins
MA-1000 MC-3008 Plastics Film, Sheet, Rods, Tubes, Profiles, & Laminates
MA-1000 MC-3009 Plastics Foam Products
MA-1000 MC-3010 Plastics Products, N.E.C.
MA-1000 MC-3011 Resilient Floor Covering and Asbestos Products
MA-1000 MC-3012
MA-1000 MC-3071
MA-1000 MC-3011 Tire Rebuilding and Retreading
MA-1000 MC-3101 Leather Tanning and Footwear Cut Stock
MA-1000 MC-3103 Luggage, Handbags, & Personal Leather Goods
MA-1000 MC-3112 Footwear
MA-1000 MC-3201 Glass and Glass Products, Except Containers
MA-1000 MC-3202 Glass Containers
MA-1000 MC-3203 Cement, Lime, and Gypsum Products
MA-1000 MC-3204 Structural Clay Products, Except Refractories
MA-1000 MC-3205 Refractories
MA-1000 MC-3206 Pottery and Related Products
MA-1000 MC-3207 Concrete Products
MA-1000 MC-3208 Ready-Mixed Concrete
MA-1000 MC-3209 Cut Stone and Stone Products
MA-1000 MC-3210 Abrasives and Related Products
MA-1000 MC-3212 Minerals and Earths, Ground or Otherwise Treated
MA-1000 MC-3213 Mineral Wool & Misc. Nonmetallic Mineral Products
MA-1000 MC-3273
MA-1000 MC-3274
MA-1000 MC-3301 Blast Furnace & Basic Steel Products
MA-1000 MC-3302 Ferrous Foundries
MA-1000 MC-3303 Primary Smelting and Refining of Nonferrous Metals
MA-1000 MC-3304 Secondary Smelting and Refining of Nonferrous Metals
MA-1000 MC-3305 Rolling, Drawing, and Extruding of Nonferrous Metals
MA-1000 MC-3306 Nonferrous Wiredrawing and Insulating
MA-1000 MC-3307 Nonferrous Foundries
MA-1000 MC-3308 Metal Powders; Metal Treating Services
MA-1000 MC-3401 Metal Cans and Shipping Containers
MA-1000 MC-3402 Cutlery, Handtools, Files, and Saws
MA-1000 MC-3403 Hardware
MA-1000 MC-3404 Metal Plumbing Fixtures and Fittings
MA-1000 MC-3405 Heating Equipment, Except Electric
MA-1000 MC-3406 Fabricated Structural Metal & Platework (Boiler Shops)
MA-1000 MC-3407 Metal Doors and Frames
MA-1000 MC-3408 Sheet Metal Work
MA-1000 MC-3409 Fabricated Structural Metal Products, N.E.C.
MA-1000 MC-3411 Metal Forgings
MA-1000 MC-3412 Metal Stampings
MA-1000 MC-3413 Metal Services, N.E.C.
MA-1000 MC-3414 Ordnance and Accessories, Except Guided Missiles
MA-1000 MC-3415 Springs
MA-1000 MC-3416 Valves and Fittings
MA-1000 MC-3417 Fabricated Wire Products, Except Springs
MA-1000 MC-3418 Metal Foil
MA-1000 MC-3419 Fabricated Pipe & Fittings & Fabricated Metal Products
MA-1000 MC-3420 Industrial Fasteners
MA-1000 MC-3421 Screw Machine Products and Industrial Fasteners
MA-1000 MC-3471
MA-1000 MC-3473
MA-1000 MC-3474
MA-1000 MC-3475
MA-1000 MC-3476
MA-1000 MC-3477
MA-1000 MC-3479
MA-1000 MC-3501 Turbines, Turbine Generators, & Sets
MA-1000 MC-3502 Farm, Turf, Lawn, & Garden Machinery & Equipment
MA-1000 MC-3503 Construction and Mining Machinery and Equipment
MA-1000 MC-3504 Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Equipment
MA-1000 MC-3505 Conveying & Elevating Equipment & Industrial Trucks
MA-1000 MC-3506 Metalworking Machinery
MA-1000 MC-3507 Machine Tool Access. & Dies, Tools, Jigs, & Fixtures
MA-1000 MC-3508 Power-Driven Handtools
MA-1000 MC-3509 Food Products Machinery and Equipment
MA-1000 MC-3510 Textile Machinery
MA-1000 MC-3511 Woodworking Machinery and Equipment
MA-1000 MC-3512 Pulp and Paper Industries Machinery
MA-1000 MC-3513 Printing Trades Machinery and Equipment
MA-1000 MC-3515 Pumps & Compressors; Measuring & Dispensing Pumps
MA-1000 MC-3516 Mechanical Power Transmission Equip.; Bearings
MA-1000 MC-3517 Blowers, Exhaust, and Ventilating Fans
MA-1000 MC-3518 Industrial Patterns
MA-1000 MC-3519 Industrial Furnaces and Ovens
MA-1000 MC-3520 Computing and Office Machines
MA-1000 MC-3521 Service Industry Machinery, N.E.C.
MA-1000 MC-3522 Refrigeration, Air-Condition & Warm Air Heating Equip
MA-1000 MC-3523 Hoists, Cranes, and Monorails
MA-1000 MC-3524 Carburetors, Pistons, Piston Rings, and Valves
MA-1000 MC-3525 Miscellaneous Machinery; Machine Shop Job Work
MA-1000 MC-3526 Scales and Balances
MA-1000 MC-3527 Automatic Merchandising (Vending) Machines
MA-1000 MC-3528 Commercial Laundry Equipment
MA-1000 MC-3529 Welding Apparatus
MA-1000 MC-3530 Packaging Machinery and Equipment
MA-1000 MC-3531 Fluid Power Equipment, Except Valves
MA-1000 MC-3538 Industry Machinery and Equipment
MA-1000 MC-3539 Special Industry Machinery, N.E.C.
MA-1000 MC-3571
MA-1000 MC-3575
MA-1000 MC-3601 Power, Distribution, and Specialty Transformers
MA-1000 MC-3602 Switchgear & Switchboard Appar. & Industrial Controls
MA-1000 MC-3603 Motors, Generators, and Motor-Generator Sets
MA-1000 MC-3605 Carbon and Graphite Products
MA-1000 MC-3606 Household Appliances, Exc. Refrigerators and Freezers
MA-1000 MC-3607 Electric Lamps
MA-1000 MC-3608 Wiring Devices
MA-1000 MC-3609 Lighting Fixtures
MA-1000 MC-3610 Radio Receivers & Television Sets & Related Equipment
MA-1000 MC-3611 Prerecorded Records, Magnetic Tapes, & Discs
MA-1000 MC-3614 Storage Batteries, Primary Batteries
MA-1000 MC-3616 Electrical Equipment for Internal Combustion Engines
MA-1000 MC-3617 Miscellaneous Electrical Products
MA-1000 MC-3618 Miscellaneous Industrial Electrical Equipment
MA-1000 MC-3619 Magnetic and Optical Recording Media (Unrecorded)
MA-1000 MC-3620 Communications Equip.; Search & Detection Equip.
MA-1000 MC-3621 Electronic Components and Accessories
MA-1000 MC-3701 Motor Vehicles and Passenger Car Bodies
MA-1000 MC-3702 Truck and Bus Bodies; Truck Trailers
MA-1000 MC-3704 Ship Building and Repairing
MA-1000 MC-3705 Boat Building and Repairing
MA-1000 MC-3706 Rail Transportation Equipment
MA-1000 MC-3707 Motorcycles, Bicycles, and Parts
MA-1000 MC-3708 Travel and Camping Trailers and Motor Homes
MA-1000 MC-3709 Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories
MA-1000 MC-3710 Miscellaneous Transportation Equipment
MA-1000 MC-3711 Aircraft Industries
MA-1000 MC-3712 Aerospace Industries
MA-1000 MC-3772
MA-1000 MC-3802 Ophthalmic Goods
MA-1000 MC-3803 Surgical & Medical Instruments & Apparatus
MA-1000 MC-3804 Dental Equipment and Supplies
MA-1000 MC-3805 Photographic Equipment and Supplies
MA-1000 MC-3806 Clocks, Watches, and Watchcases
MA-1000 MC-3807 Electromedical, and Electrotherapeutic Apparatus
MA-1000 MC-3808 Instruments
MA-1000 MC-3901 Jewelry, Jewelers' Findings, and Lapidary Work
MA-1000 MC-3902 Silverware and Plated Ware
MA-1000 MC-3903 Musical Instruments
MA-1000 MC-3904 Toys, Games, Dolls, & Children's Vehicles, Excl. Bicycles
MA-1000 MC-3905 Sporting and Athletic Goods
MA-1000 MC-3906 Pens, Pencils, Marking Devices, and Artists' Materials
MA-1000 MC-3907 Carbon Paper and Inked Ribbons
MA-1000 MC-3908 Miscellaneous Manufactured Products
MA-1000 MC-3909 Buttons, Needles, Pins, Fasteners, and Similar Notions
MA-1000 MC-3910 Brooms and Brushes
MA-1000 MC-3911 Signs and Advertising Displays
MA-1000 MC-3912 Burial Caskets
MA-1000 MC-3971
MA-1000 MC-3974
MA-1000 MC-3975

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Mineral Industries

MI-1001 Iron, Ferroalloy, Uranium, and Misc. Metal Ores
MI-1002 Copper, Lead, Zinc, Gold, and Silver Ores
MI-1101 Mineral Contract Services
MI-1201 Coal
MI-1301 Oil and Gas Field Operations
MI-1302 Natural Gas Liquids
MI-1303 Oil and Gas Field Services
MI-1371 Oil and Gas Field Operations
MI-1401 Stone, Sand, and Gravel
MI-1402 Clay, Ceramic, and Refractory Minerals
MI-1403 Chemical & Fertilizer Minerals & Nonmetallic Minerals
MI-1471 Stone, Sand, & Gravel
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General Classification Forms

NC-9923 General Classification
NC-9926 General Classification

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Retail Trade

Title Instructions
RT-5201 Building Materials and Supplies Dealers Instructions for
single units

Instructions for

RT-5204 Lawn, Garden Equipment, and Supply Stores
RT-5205 Manufactured (Mobile) Home Dealers
RT-5299 Retail Classification
RT-5301 Department Stores Supplementary instructions
RT-5302 General Merchandise Stores
RT-5400 Food Stores and Warehouse Clubs
RT-5499 Retail Classification
RT-5501 Motor Vehicle Dealers
RT-5502 Automotive Parts, Tires, and Supplies Stores
RT-5503 Motorcycle, Boat, and Other Motor Vehicle Dealers
RT-5504 Gasoline Stations
RT-5599 Retail Classification
RT-5601 Clothing and Accessory Stores Supplementary instructions
RT-5602 Shoe Stores
RT-5699 Retail Classification
RT-5701 Furniture Stores
RT-5702 Electronics and Appliance Stores
RT-5703 Musical Instrument and Supply Stores
RT-5705 Homefurnishings Stores
RT-5799 Retail Classification
RT-5801 Eating, Drinking Places
RT-5802 Contract Feeders Supplementary instructions
RT-5803 Vending Operators
RT-5899 Retail Classification
RT-5901 Health and Personal Care Stores
RT-5902 Liquor, Tobacco, Newsstands Supplementary instructions
RT-5903 Antiques, Used Merchandise Stores
RT-5904 Sporting Goods Stores
RT-5905 Book Stores
RT-5906 Office Supply, Stationery, and Gift Stores
RT-5907 Jewelry Stores
RT-5908 Hobby, Toy, and Game Stores
RT-5909 Camera and Photographic Supply Stores
RT-5910 Sewing, Needlework, and Piece Goods Stores
RT-5911 Direct Selling, Electronic Shopping, and Mail-Order Houses
RT-5912 Heating Fuel Dealers
RT-5913 Retail Florists
RT-5914 Optical Goods Stores
RT-5915 Pets and Pet Supply Stores
RT-5916 Miscellaneous Retailing
RT-5999 Retail Classification
RT-7001 Traveller Accommodations
RT-7002 Recreational and Other Accommodations

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Service Industries

Title Instructions
SV-7001Renumbered. See RT-7001 above.
SV-7201 Laundry, Cleaning and Related Services Instructions
SV-7202 Personal Services
SV-7299 Services Classification
SV-7301 Advertising and Related Services Instructions
SV-7302 Administrative and Other Support Services
SV-7303 Specialized Design Services
SV-7304 Services to Buildings and Dwellings
SV-7305 Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services
SV-7306 Employment Services
SV-7307 Computer System Design and Related Services
SV-7308 Security and Investigative Services
SV-7309 Miscellaneous Professional Services
SV-7398 Services Classification
SV-7399 Services Classification
SV-7503 Motor Vehicle Repair Instructions
SV-7599 Services Classification
SV-7600 Repair and Maintenance Services Instructions
SV-7699 Services Classification
SV-7700 Waste Management Instructions
SV-7799 Services Classification
SV-7800 Telecommunication (consolidated) Instructions
SV-7801 Motion Picture Production and Distribution Instructions
SV-7802 Motion Picture and Video Exhibition
SV-7804 Telecommunications
SV-7805 Broadcasting and Cable
SV-7806 Sound Recording
SV-7807 Software Publishing, Information Services, and Data Processing
SV-7901 Performing Arts Companies and Promoters Instructions
SV-7902 Spectator Sports Instructions
SV-7903 Recreation, Amusement and Gambling Instructions
SV-7999 Services Classification
SV-8001 Health Practitioners and Outpatient Care Facilities Instructions
SV-8003 Nursing and Residential Care Facilities
SV-8004 Hospitals
SV-8006 Home Health and Miscellaneous Health Services
SV-8098 Services Classification
SV-8099 Services Classification
SV-8100 Legal Services Instructions
SV-8200 Educational Services Instructions
SV-8299 Services Classification
SV-8301 Social Assistance Instructions
SV-8302 Grantmaking and Advocacy
SV-8399 Services Classification
SV-8400 Museums, Historical Sites and Similar Institutions Instructions
SV-8600 Civic, Social, and Other Membership Organizations
SV-8699 Services Classification
SV-8701 Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services Instructions
SV-8702 Accounting, Tax Preparation, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services
SV-8703 Research and Development Services Instructions
SV-8704 Management and Consulting Services Instructions
SV-8799 Services Classification
SV-8900 Miscellaneous Businesses and Professions Instructions
SV-8999 Services Classification

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Transportation, Communications, and Utilities

Title Instructions
UT-4100 Transit and Ground Passenger Transportation Instructions for single units

Instructions for multi-units

UT-4200 Trucking and Storage
UT-4299 Trucking Classification
UT-4400 Water Transportation
UT-4500 Air Transportation
UT-4600 Pipelines Supplementary instructions
UT-4700 Transportation Services
UT-4900 Electric, Gas, and Water Utilities Supplementary instructions

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Wholesale Trade (Distributive Trades)

Title Instructions
WH-5012 Motor Vehicles Instructions for
single units

Instructions for

WH-5013 Motor Vehicles Parts and Supplies
WH-5020 Furniture and Homefurnishings
WH-5030 Lumber and Other Construction Materials
WH-5043 Photographic and Commercial Equipment
WH-5045 Computers and Office Equipment
WH-5047 Professional Equipment and Supplies
WH-5051 Ferrous and Nonferrous Metals
WH-5052 Coal, Coke, and Other Minerals and Ores
WH-5060 Electrical Goods
WH-5070 Hardware, and Plumbing and Heating Equipment and Supplies
WH-5082 Contruction and Mining Machinery and Equipment
WH-5083 Farm and Garden Machinery and Equipment
WH-5084 Industrial Machinery and Equipment
WH-5085 Industrial Supplies
WH-5087 Service Establishment Equipment and Supplies
WH-5088 Transportation Equipment and Supplies
WH-5091 Sporting, Recreational, Hobby Goods, Toys, and Supplies
WH-5093 Scrap and Recyclable Materials
WH-5094 Jewelry, Watches, and Precious Stones and Metals
WH-5099 Miscellaneous Durable Goods
WH-5110 Paper and Paper Products
WH-5122 Drugs, Drug Proprietaries and Druggists' Sundries
WH-5131 Piece Goods and Notions
WH-5136 Men's and Women's Apparel and Footwear
WH-5141 Grocery Wholesalers
WH-5142 Frozen Foods
WH-5143 Dairy Products
WH-5144 Poultry and Poultry Products
WH-5145 Confectionery
WH-5146 Fish and Seafoods
WH-5147 Meat and Meat Products
WH-5148 Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
WH-5150 Farm-Product Raw Materials
WH-5160 Chemicals and Allied Products
WH-5170 Petroleum and Petroleum Products
WH-5180 Beer, Wine, and Distilled Alcoholic Beverages
WH-5191 Farm Supplies
WH-5192 Books, Periodicals, Flowers, and Florists' Supplies
WH-5194 Tobacco and Tobacco Products
WH-5198 Paints, Varnishes, Wallpaper and Supplies
WH-5199 Miscellaneous Nondurable Goods

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Economic Census of Outlying Areas

OA-9819 Puerto Rico - Spanish
OA-9820 Puerto Rico - English
OA-9863 Guam
OA-9873 Virgin Islands - English
OA-9873SP Virgin Islands - Spanish
OA-9883 Northern Mariana Islands

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Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey

TC-9501 Small Trucks
TC-9502 Medium and Large Trucks

Minority- & Women-Owned Businesses

MB-1 Survey of Business Owners and Self-Employed Persons (multi-owner)
MB-2 Survey of Business Owners and Self-Employed Persons (single-owner)

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Business Expenditures Survey

B151(S) 1997 Supplement to the Annual Retail Trade Survey
B151A(S) 1997 Supplement to the Annual Retail Trade Survey
B151D(S) 1997 Supplement to the Annual Retail Trade Survey
B153(S) 1997 Supplement to the Annual Retail Trade Survey
B153D(S) 1997 Supplement to the Annual Retail Trade Survey
B450(S) 1997 Supplement to the Annual Trade Survey
B451(S) 1997 Supplement to the Annual Trade Survey
B500(SA) 1997 Supplement to the Service Annual Survey
B500(SE) 1997 Supplement to the Service Annual Survey

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