1997 Economic Census:
MA-1000 and MC-2000 Forms

The first four pages of manufacturing forms in the 1997 Economic Census vary depending on whether the establishment is included in the Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM).
MA-1000 Most large manufacturing plants and some smaller ones are included in the ASM sample. If you received an MA-1000 form for 1996 you will probably also receive one for 1997 as part of the census form. (Instructions for MA-1000 are provided separately.)
MC-2000 Most small manufacturing plants will receive the MC-2000 questions at the beginning of their census form. (Instructions are included on page 4 of the form.)
Starting with page 5, economic census forms for manufacturers ask questions about products produced and materials consumed in the manufacturing process, and these questions are tailored to each particular industry or group of related industries.

Sample forms are stored as page images in PDF format, and may be viewed with the Acrobat Reader (free from ADOBE site) Most census forms are legal length (8 1/2 by 14"). If your printer only has letter size paper (8 1/2 by 11") you may print on two pages or check "Shrink to fit" at the bottom of the print window for a reduced size print.

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Revised: 6/9/97
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