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1997 Economic Census on CD-ROM

All of the data from the 1997 Economic Census have now been released on CD-ROM. Disc 1f supersedes discs 1a to 1e. Disc 2d supersedes discs 2a to 2c. Disc 3, ZIP Code Statistics, is a single volume. Data for 1992 and 1987 are available in separate CD-ROMs.
Software Subscriptions and ordering Installation notes


Sophisticated Windows-based software is included on each CD.
Quick Reports All of the data for a particular geographic area, or
Key data for a particular industry
Search You can search for industries, areas, or data items by name.
No need to learn NAICS codes first.
Query and Display Scroll through the full detail available and customize your report through a sophisticated browse and query system.
Help Comprehensive help and explanatory information about the data are available throughout the system.
Data format Files are stored in .mdb (Microsoft Access®) format, but the software will allow you to
  • export to ASCII, flat or delimited
  • export to spreadsheet or database formats
  • export to HTML format - You can easily republish selected data on your own Internet site

Why not just use the Internet?

Most of the same Economic Census data are also accessible on the Internet through the American FactFinder (AFF), free, with new data added within a week of its release on .pdf.

CD-ROM advantages

  • You don't need an Internet hookup.
  • If the data you want are available, CD-ROM data retrieval is faster.
  • CD-ROM software includes additional functionality, such as
    - Toggling between industry comparisons and area comparisons
    - Adding your own calculations to the data
  • Explanatory information and other metadata are better integrated with the data.
  • CD-ROM software imposes no limits on the size of files to be dowloaded. (AFF limits downloaded files to 10,000 lines.)
  • Data sets in CD-ROM Volumes 2 and 3 (see below) are not accessible through American FactFinder.

Economic Census CD-ROM Series    
Volume 1, NAICS Report Series: Quarterly CD-ROMs covering all economic census data except those in Volumes 2 and 3. Volume 1 data are also accessible through American FactFinder. Order Volumes 1 and 2
Disc 1a
September 1999
Geographic Area Series data for several sectors for several mountain states
Industry Series data for several industries in manufacturing and construction
Disc 1b
January 2000
Geographic area series data, complete for 4 sectors, partial for several others
Industry series (508 of 537 industres complete)
Disc 1c
April 2000
Geographic Area Series, complete for sectors 42-81, partial coverage for construction, no coverage for manufacturing or mining
Industry Series, complete (2-disc set)
Disc 1d
September 2000
Geographic Area Series, complete
Industry Series files, complete
Disc 1e
February 2001
Geographic Area Series and Industry Series files, complete
Merchandise Line Sales, Commodity Line Sales, and Sources of Receipts/Revenue for 15 sectors
Establishment and Firm Size for 15 sectors
Miscellaneous Subjects for two sectors
Annual Survey of Manufactures, 1998 (3-disc set)
Disc 1f
November 2001

All previously released files, plus remaining Miscellaneous Subjects and Summary reports, Concentration Ratios, and Location of Manufacturing/Mining. Summary reports for all sectors. Cumulative. A 3-disc set.
Note: "Disc 1f" is a 3-disc set. For most purposes, use Discs 1f-1. Most data on disc 1f-2 (Geographic Area Series) are duplicated in the EWKS file on Disc 1f-1, which includes establishments, sales/receipts, employment and payroll for all industries and all areas. Unique to disc 1f-2 are first quarter payroll, wholesale inventories and expenses, expenses for tax-exempt firms, and detailed characteristics, e.g., value added, of manufacturing, mining, and construction establishments. Disc 1f-3 includes Merchandise Line Sales and similar reports.

Volume 2, Special Series (most using SIC): Bridge between NAICS and SIC, Comparative Statistics, Nonemployer Statistics, Business Expenses, Outlying Areas, Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses. Volume 2 data are NOT accessible through American FactFinder. Order Volumes 1 and 2
Disc 2a
May 2000
Economic Censuses of Outlying Areas: Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico (manufacturing only)
Disc 2b
August 2000
same as disc 2a, plus Bridge Between NAICS and SIC and Comparative Statistics.
Disc 2c
April 2001
same as disc 2b, plus Business Expenses, Nonemployer Statistics**, Puerto Rico Geographic Area Series and Subject Series, and Minority-Owned Businesses (Black and Hispanic only).
Disc 2d
September 2001
same as disc 2c, plus Women-Owned Businesses, and remaining reports in the Minority-Owned Businesses and Outlying Area series. 1998 Nonemployer Statistics** are also included.
**A separate 1999 Nonemployer Statistics CD-ROM, issued in 2002, also includes the 1997 and 1998 data present on disc 1d.
Volume 3, ZIP Code Statistics Counts of establishments by size by industry in 9 sectors. Issued as one multi-disc volume. Volume 3 data are not accessible through American FactFinder. Sales, employment and payroll ranges by sector by ZIP Code, not on the CD-ROM, are published on the web in hypertext displays and downloadable files. Order Volume 3
Disc 3
October 2001
ZIP Code Statistics for all sectors covered.
1992 and 1987 CD-ROMs   Similar data are available from the 1992 and 1987 Economic Censuses, but there are a number of comparability issues, most notably the switch from NAICS to SIC. Earlier data were recorded in .dbf format. MS-DOS-based EXTRACT software is included. Order 1992 and 1987 CD-ROMs

Ordering Information

Orders are now being accepted for Volumes 1 and 2 together and for Volume 3 separately.

Installation notes:

Some users of Windows XP have experienced run errors with the software on the 1997 Economic Census CD-ROMs.

Replacement .exe files are available here, one for each of the CD-ROMs. The applications are stored in .zip files to facilitate downloading. Download the applicable file, unzip it, and place the resulting .exe in the same folder where the application from the CD was originally installed, overwriting the earlier version.

Volume 1, NAICS Report Series
Volume 2, Special Series
Volume 3, ZIP Code Statistics
Nonemployer Statistics

If you have problems with installation, contact Andrew Hait (301-763-6747).


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