US Census Bureau


Guide to the
1997 Economic Census

Comparison of CD-ROM, PDF, AFF and Drill-Down Table Coverage

  CD-ROM1 PDF American FactFinder Drill-down tables2 Explanation of <P>artial coverage
Geographic Area Series v1 X X P Excludes places; excludes several tables in Mfg, Mining, Construction reports; excludes 1st qtr payroll
Industry Series v1 X X    
Subject Series v1 X X    
Nonemployer Statistics v2 P   X PDF excludes substate data
Comparative Statistics v2 P   X PDF excludes state data
Bridge Between NAICS and SIC v2 X   X  
ZIP Code Statistics v33     P Excludes counts of establishments by employment size by NAICS by ZIP.
Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprises v2 X   P Excludes national tables by firm size, legal form of organization
Business Expenses v2 X      
Outlying Areas v2 X      

1     1997 Economic Census CD-ROMs come in 3 volumes denoted here v1, v2, and v3.
2     Drill-down tables from the 1997 Economic Census are static html pages accessible from
3     CD-ROM does not include the aggregate data shown in drill-down tables on the web.

Extra features of Drill-down tables not available elsewhere