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1997 Economic Census


New Industry Classification System
The 1997 Economic Census will publish data primarily on the basis of the new North American Industry Classification System (NAICS). Only limited data will be published according to the old Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system: preliminary national totals in the Advance report, a detailed "bridge table" showing the relationships between NAICS and SIC categories, and state level statistics based on SIC after the publication of geographic area data by NAICS. (A few programs based on administrative records or sample surveys, such as the surveys of minority- and women-owned businesses, will be available by SIC only.)

Faster publication via the Internet
Census results will become available on the Internet faster than they have ever before been published.

Fewer printed reports
Only highlights of the Economic Census will be published in paper reports. Nonetheless, software on both CD-ROM and the Internet include the ability to print out any of the detailed data.

Better software
Access software on both CD-ROM and the Internet is easier to use and has more capabilities than the software on 1992 CD-ROMs.

Greater integration of data economy-wide
Data for all sectors are being integrated in the Core Business Statistics reports and key CD-ROM files. Those statistics that are published separately by sector have a more consistent look and feel.

Less geographic detail for certain industries, more for others
Due to budget cuts, metropolitan area data are no longer available for construction industries, and county data no longer produced for mining. State and metro area data will appear for fewer sectors in "miscellaneous subjects" reports. Industry detail for counties and places is more variable, but as such better reflects concentrations of locally significant industries.

Elimination of preliminary reports
Industry series reports for manufacturing, mining and construction, previously issued in both preliminary and final form, are being issued only once for 1997.

All reports are titled as Economic Census reports, no longer treated as if each sector had a separate census, e.g., the census of manufactures.

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