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1997 Economic Census

Geographic Area Series

Area reports feature general statistics--the number of establishments, the number of employees, payroll, and sales or other measures of revenue-classified by NAICS industry for each State and its metropolitan areas, counties, and places. Area reports for manufacturing, mining, and construction include several additional statistics for each industry and area. A chart in another section shows the specific types of geographic areas covered for each sector.

Geographic area reports are issued State-by-State for all 18 sectors. While that adds up to 936 individual reports in page-image (pdf) format, Geographic Area Series files are cumulated into data files covering all available states on CD-ROM and the Internet. Further, the Economy-Wide Key Statistics file consolidates the four general statistics for all industries and all areas for ease in generating statistics that cross sector lines. For example, the Geographic Quick Reports that are available on CD-ROM and on the Internet are generated from this economy-wide file.

The number of industries shown for a given area varies generally with size of each industry (in terms of the number of employees or volume of sales in the area). Thus, a county with many people employed in manufacturing is likely to have more industry detail in the manufacturing report than a county with fewer manufacturing workers. Because there are more retail establishments than establishments in other sectors, retail trade reports generally have more industry categories shown for smaller counties and cities than do other sectors. Unlike the area reports, ZIP Code Statistics, Location of Mining, and Location of Manufacturing have no publication thresholds and list all covered industries in each applicable geographic area with one establishment or more.

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Changes between 1992 and 1997
  • NAICS replaces SIC.
  • Geographic area data initially issued by sector are consolidated across sectors in the Economy Wide Key Statistics file.
  • Due to budget cuts, metropolitan area data are no longer published for construction, and county data are no longer produced for mining.
  • In 1992 and earlier censuses, the level of industry detail shown depended on the number of establishments in the area. Publication thresholds for 1997 vary industry by industry, and will better reflect concentrations of locally significant industries.
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