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Industry Series

In three sectors covering most of the goods-producing sector of the economy (i.e., manufactures, mining, and construction), the analysis of economic statistics by industry nationwide is so important that separate reports are prepared focusing on the characteristics of those industries. These reports were published before corresponding geographic area reports for the same sectors.

Industry Series reports present general statistics for the nation as a whole and by state, and also more detailed statistics and specialized measures unique to particular industries at the national level. Industry reports generally include three types of statistics:

Industry Series reports are issued only for 6-digit NAICS industries. Summaries for 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-digit NAICS codes are included in all other series. Because subsequent processing may reveal errors in classification or reporting, many of the numbers in Industry Series reports are later superseded by numbers in the Geographic Area Series, Summary Series, and Subject Series.

Industry reports show limited data for the SIC codes or parts thereof that comprise the subject 6-digit NAICS. More complete and definitive data about the relationship between NAICS and SIC codes are published in the Bridge Between NAICS and SIC.

There are no Industry Series reports for the utilities sector or for 14 service-producing sectors. Subject Series reports for these sectors include data on establishment size comparable to those in industry reports, and on lines carried or sources of receipts somewhat analogous to the product statistics.

Changes between 1992 and 1997
  • Industry Series reports are published only once, not in separate preliminary and final versions.
  • Each industry report covers only a single 6-digit NAICS industry, thereby avoiding the delay that would be caused by waiting until all the data for a group of related industries is publishable.
  • Historical industry data are not included for about half of these industries, where the NAICS category is not comparable to an SIC category. Historical data are included for products because the conversion to NAICS required the renumbering but not generally the redefinition of product categories.

Industry Series reports by sector
21 Mining
23 Construction
31-33 Manufacturing

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