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1997 Economic Census

ZIP Code Statistics

ZIP Code Statistics presents counts of establishments by size by detailed NAICS for five-digit ZIP Codes in 9 of the 18 sectors covered in the 1997 Economic Census:

These sectors include roughly 70 percent of employees counted in the economic census.

ZIP Code data on CD-ROM: The statistics shown for all of these sectors, by detailed NAICS, include the count of establishments in several employment-size categories, typically establishments with fewer than 5 employees, 5 to 9, 10 to 19, 20 to 49, 50 to 99, and 100 employees or more. For eight of the sectors, excluding manufacturing, there are also counts of establishments by size of sales or receipts. The categories published on CD-ROM by ZIP Code are illustrated on the web for the U.S. only. These establishment counts by size class are not considered to be a disclosure of confidential information, so a data line is present for every kind of business with one or more establishments within a ZIP Code. CD-ROM ordering information is at

ZIP Code data on the Web: Statistics on sales or receipts, annual payroll, and number of employees by sector by ZIP Code are published at The data are shown in hypertext tables and are also available in a nationwide downloadable file. These data do not include the detailed NAICS categories shown on CD-ROM. Because business activity in many ZIP codes is dominated by a very small number of establishments, these aggregates are shown only in ranges.

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