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1997 Economic Census

Retail Trade

What is retail trade?
    NAICS definition of retail trade
    Changes between SIC and NAICS
    Retail classifications

How are the data collected?

How have retail trade data been used?

Major data items published in retail trade reports by geographic level
    Establishments and firms, employment, payroll, sales
    Inventories, other
    Miscellaneous subjects for specific kinds of business

1997 Economic Census Reports    Schedule
    What's new for 1997?
Other sources that include retail trade data...

Bridge between NAICS and SIC
Comparative Statistics
Nonemployer Statistics
Outlying Areas
Company Statistics
Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses
Business Expenses
Annual Capital Expenditures Survey
County Business Patterns
Quarterly Financial Report
Population and Housing, for characteristics
of persons employed in retail trade

    Geographic Area Series
    ZIP Code Statistics
    Subject Series
        Merchandise Line Sales
        Establishment and Firm Size
        Miscellaneous Subjects

Current Retail Trade Statistics
    Advance Monthly Retail Sales
    Monthly Retail Trade: Sales and Inventories
    Annual Retail Trade

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