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Implementing NAICS 2002 at the Census Bureau

Economic Census

The first glimpse of data based on NAICS 2002 will be published in early 2004 in the 2002 Economic Census: Advance report. That report will provide information on employment, payroll, receipts, and number of establishments using both NAICS 2002 and NAICS 1997 at the sector and subsector (2- and 3-digit NAICS) levels.

Beginning in early 2004, industry and geographic data will be published on a NAICS 2002 basis only. These reports will provide NAICS 2002 data down to the six-digit U.S. industry detail level. The Comparative Statistics report, scheduled for released in the second quarter of 2005, will show information on 1997 and 2002 employment, payroll, receipts, and number of establishments on a NAICS 1997 basis. The Bridge Between NAICS 2002 and NAICS 1997, to be issued in the second quarter of 2005, will include data on a six-digit NAICS 2002 by six-digit NAICS 1997 basis, and vice versa. The tables in this report will provide the link needed to compare data between the two versions of NAICS, much as the 1997 Economic Census Bridge Between NAICS and SIC serves as the basis for evaluating the comparability of those systems.

Current Programs

Preparations are underway for implementing NAICS 2002 in the current economic programs of the Census Bureau. A detailed time schedule has been developed for this implementation:

  Data year Published
Manufacturing surveys:
Annual Survey of Manufactures Not affected by 2002 change
Current Industrial Reports Not affected by 2002 change
Manufactures Shipments, Inventories, and Unfilled Orders Not affected by 2002 change
Services surveys:
Annual Trade Survey (wholesale) 2004-2005 2006
Wholesale Trade Monthly 2006 2006
Annual Retail Trade Survey 2004-2005 2006
Retail Trade Monthly 2001 2006
Transportation Annual Survey Not affected by 2002 change
Service Annual Survey 2004-2005 early 2007
Other Programs:
County Business Patterns 2003 Jan 2005
Quarterly Financial Report 4th qtr 2003 Apr 2004
Annual Capital Expenditures Survey 2004 Dec 2005
Manufacturing and Trade Inventory and Sales 2006 2006
Research and Development Survey 2003 2003

Another paper discussed implementation of NAICS 1997 in the Current Services Program.

You may provide comments or ask questions about NAICS 2002 implementation by sending a message to

NAICS contact for the Census Bureau:   John Murphy
Phone: (301) 763-5172
Fax: (301) 457-1343