Workaround for EXTRACT's Install program

EXTRACT's Install program does not work with Windows 98 or NT. Nonetheless, EXTRACT itself works fine, so one need only perform a series of steps in a DOS window to install EXTRACT.

The Install program creates certain subdirectories on your hard disk, copies the necessary files from the CD, sets up a shortcut for starting the program, and prompts you to print out associated documentation files.

Open an MS-DOS window on your computer, and do the following steps (where d: is assumed to be your cd-rom drive. 1. Create new directories on your hard drive:

2. Copy files into the c:\extract directory 3. In Notepad or a similar text editor, paste the following and save it as EX.BAT, changing D: if your cd-rom drive is a different letter.
cd \extract
EXTRACT c D: D:\auxil C:\EXTRACT\WORK master.ctg
4. For conventional documentation, print out d:\extract\extract.doc. For a simple tutorial in the use of selected data on 1992 Economic Census CD-ROMs, print out c:\extract\extutor1.doc.

Once these steps are complete, you should be able to start EXTRACT by running c:\extract\ex.bat from Start - Run.