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Foreign Trade

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Section XII - Chapter 66
Umbrellas, Sun Umbrellas, Walking-sticks, Seat-sticks, Whips, Riding-crops and Parts Thereof
1. This chapter does not cover:
(a). Measure walking-sticks or the like (heading 9017);
(b). Firearm-sticks, sword-sticks, loaded walkingsticks or the like (chapter 93); or
(c). Goods of chapter 95 (for example, toy umbrellas, toy sun umbrellas).
2. Heading 6603 does not cover parts, trimmings or accessories of textile material, or covers, tassels, thongs, umbrella cases or the like, of any material. Such goods presented with, but not fitted to, articles of heading 6601 or 6602 are to be classified se parately and are not to be treated as forming part of those articles.

Schedule B No. and Headings Commodity Description Unit of Quantity Second Quantity
66 Umbrellas, Sun Umbrellas, Walking-Sticks, Seat-Sticks, Whips, Riding-Crops and Parts Thereof
66.01 - Umbrellas and sun umbrellas (including walking-stick umbrellas, garden umbrellas and similar umbrellas):
6601.10.0000 - - Garden or similar umbrellas Doz.
- - Other:
6601.91.0000 - - - Having a telescopic shaft. Doz.
6601.99.0000 - - - Other. Doz.
6602.00.0000 - Walking-sticks, seat-sticks, whips, riding-crops and the like No.
66.03 - Parts, trimmings and accessories of articles of headings 6601 or 6602:
6603.20.0000 - - Umbrella frames, including frames mounted on shafts (sticks) No.
6603.90 - - Other:
6603.90.4100 - - - Umbrella handles, knobs, tips and caps X
6603.90.8100 - - - Other X

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Foreign Trade | ftdwebm 7; |  Last Revised: July 06, 2015