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LandView 5 on the Macintosh

For those users that have never installed LandView, you will receive a message that says "MARPLOT fonts are not available". This is because the MARPLOT fonts for the Macintosh were left out of the installer for LandView. Therefore we have included them for download.


On a Macintosh (for OS 9 and OS X Classic Mode)

The MARPLOT fonts have been encoded so that you can download them from the Internet. Most browsers are configured to automatically decode these files. If yours is, look for a file called "MARPLOT Fonts " on your desktop. Move this file onto the System Folder, not the folder called "System" which is used by OS X. The OS will automatically put the file in the appropriate folder.

If your browser is not configured to uncompact files, you'll need a decoding utility to uncompact the Font file, such as the free Stuffit Expander utility. To uncompact MARPLOT Fonts, use your decoding utility (if you are using StuffIt Expander, either (1) drag the file onto the Stuffit Expander icon on your desktop, or (2) start Stuffit Expander, then from its File menu, choose Expand, then select the file). Once you have uncompacted MARPLOTFonts, look for a file called "MARPLOT Fonts " on your desktop.