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Networking a National Version of LandView® 5


The LandView 5 Custom CD-ROM or one of the DVD-ROMs (East or West) can be set up to run on a network in a client/server relationship. For more information see the Alternate Installation Procedures for LandView® 5 (Including Network) section of the LandView 5 Help.

Installation of a national version of LandView 5 requires a special National Network DVD-ROM and the LandView 5 DVD-ROM product. Approximately, 10.4 gigabytes of space are required on the network server for file installation.

The National Network DVD-ROM contains national versions of the databases and related maps; the LandView 5 DVD-ROM product contains the Census 2000 TIGER/Line maps showing the detailed road network and hydrology.

Pricing and ordering information for the national version of LandView 5.