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LandView® 5 Texas CD-ROM

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The LandView 5 data and map files for Texas require more space than can fit on a single CD-ROM.

Consequently, we have compressed the TIGER/Line maps (detailed street map files) for 64 of the 254 Texas counties (Randall - Zavalla) so that they are not immediately available to MARPLOT.

To view the street map for one of these counties, you must unzip the appropriate file to your hard drive, using an unzip utility, such as WinZip, PKZip, or the built-in decompression feature of Windows XP.

Each zip file contains a folder with the map files for that county. After you have installed the LandView 5 system, you then save the contents of the zip file in the c:\lv5 folder, making sure the folder name is included in the unzipping. The WinZip option is "save full path info". For example, the street map for Stonewall County is in the file Within this zipped file is a folder 48433. That folder should be placed within the c:\lv5 folder.

Decompressing all 64 counties onto your personal computer's hard drive requires 100 megabytes of hard disc space.

If you find this procedure troublesome or inconvenient, we recommend that you obtain the national LandView 5 DVD-ROM which has all the Texas county street maps.

To order the Texas CD-ROM please call the Customer Services Center at 301-763- INFO (4636).


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