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What is a ZIP Code® Tabulation Area (ZCTATM)?

ZCTAs are a new statistical entity developed by the U.S. Census Bureau for tabulating summary statistics from Census 2000. ZCTAs are generalized area representations of U.S. Postal Service (USPS) ZIP Code® service areas. They represent either USPS five- or three-digit ZIP Code areas. The term ZCTA was originated to differentiate between true USPS ZIP Codes and these approximations.

How to Use the Address Finder

This feature is designed to quickly map a specified street within a county containing a ZIP Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA).

After entering the street name and ZIP Code, the Address Finder creates a list of matching street names for the county or counties containing the ZCTA and presents them in the MARPLOT® Search Collection window. Select the street and click on either the Addresses or Intersection button to identify the appropriate street segment to be mapped. Then click either the Show on Map or Show on Map & Zoom to position your map focus point. For more details on using the Search Collection window features click the Help button.

Using Find an Address in LandView® opens the MARPLOT mapping application and displays the results of a MARPLOT Search, the Search Collection, with a listing of all street names meeting the search criteria. The users must select and highlight the most appropriate listing. For example, the same street in the ZIP code could encompass two small towns and unicorporated county area. The Address button displays a listing of block faces along the street and the address range along each block face. The appropriate block face must be selected. Using the Show on Map & Zoom button returns the user to the MARPLOT display screen with the Focus Point on the selected street segment.

Not all block faces in TIGER/Line display address ranges. In the event that an appropriate address range cannot be found, the Intersections button willdisplay all roads intersecting with the named street. If the user has sufficient knowledge, the nearest street intersection adjacent to the address can be identified.

Note that the Search Collection window will be blank if no streets within the county are found. Also, you need to close the Search Collection window before returning to LandView to look for another street.

ZIP Codes are a geographic identifier under the control of the Postal Service. ZIP Codes can be modified and new ones can be added. In the event that an address search returns zero results, the mapped location of the address may still be found using the MARPLOT Menu Bar command List/Search . . . . The methodology is explained in the MARPLOT Tutorial. The Tutorial also discusses the methodology to precisely locate the address relative to the block face.

If you need to identify the state, county, and census tract associated with the map focus point, select Segment Settings from the MARPLOT Objects menu to determine which side of the street contains your address. Then position the map focus point on that side and select Identify census areas at current map pointer under LandView in the MARPLOT Sharing menu.

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