Coastal Counties


New to LandView® 6 is the identification of U. S. Counties that meet the definition of Coastal Counties as identified by the Strategic Environmental Assessments Division of NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration for the Bureau of Census Statistical Abstract Series. The attached NOAA's List of Coastal Counties [PDF] documents background on the list, definitions of what constitutes a Coastal County and a list of all U.S. Counties.

As the listing and identification serves several technical purposes, users may find it useful to understand how the listing is maintained in LandView and how a search for specific counties should be conducted. Counties are a sub-geography for State in the LandView Census dataset. In the lower-right corner of each County Form View, as a listing under Land Area, is the data field for NOAA Coastal Counties. This is a YesJNo field, and any search to include or exclude would require the appropriate YJN entry.

A typical 'Setup a Find' is shown below. The search enters the two character identifier for the State of Florida, a Total population field entry identifying a search for counties having less than a 30,000 person population, and the identifier for the search to include only counties classified as 'Coastal'. The Found Set can display in MARPLOT®, be exported or otherwise processed in LandView/MARPLOT.

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