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The Print Setup option under the File menu invokes the standard printer setup dialog for your Windows or Macintosh system. This dialog is not part of the LandView software. Figure 1 provides a dialog for Windows OS.

Print Setup Dialog
Figure 1 — Print Setup Dialog

If you are connected to multiple printers, you use this dialog to select the printer. Once you have selected the printer, you can then specify the paper size and page orientation.

The Print option under the File menu allows you to specify the records to print. Figure 2 provides the Windows version of this dialog. In the box labeled Print you can specify whether to print the current record, records being browsed or a blank record showing fields. Most of the time you will be specifying either the current record or the records being browsed. Note that records being browsed option will print either all records or the records found if you performed a query.

In addition, you will need to select the Print View from the Layout Mode options. For further information on how to do this see the The FileMaker® Interface section of this Help.

Print Dialog
Figure 2 — Print Dialog

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