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The Summarize button is located on every Census geography screen for the DP1-4 tables. This function is especially useful when a Find has been performed. It's purpose is to sum numeric fields to produce totals for a selected subset of records. It is also activated when several objects are selected from the MARPLOT®, map, and choose Sharing - LandView - Get Info. The following are several examples of how the "Summarize" function can be used:

Suppose you performed a Find on the number of counties that have less then 5,000 persons. You may then click on the Summarize button to get the total number of persons, by age, sex and race etc. in those counties.

You could also select a collection of census tracts from MARPLOT and then summarize to get the population statistics totals for all the people living in the selected area.

To do this, first highlight the census tracts that you are interested in MARPLOT. Then from the Sharing menu, select LandView - Get Info, this will take you back to the LandView Demographic Profile screen with the census tract database in use. The left-hand column will show the total number of census tract records in the database, and the number of records found (selected). Clicking on the Summarize button will result in one summary record for the selected census tracts.

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