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Census 2000 Tabulation Entity Counts by County

The Census Bureau is providing tallies of the number of geographic entities within county and statistically equivalent entity. The geographic entities for which we are providing tallies include county subdivisions (minor civil divisions, census county divisions, unorganized territories, and census subareas), places (consolidated cities, incorporated places, and census designated places), census tracts, block groups, blocks, voting districts, state legislative districts (upper and lower chambers), traffic analysis zones, school districts, and ZIP Code ® tabulation areas (ZCTAs TM).

These geographic entity tallies are provided in a comma-delimited ASCII text file format, one file per state and statistical equivalent. The last record in each state file includes a summary total of the counts for each Census 2000 geographic entity within the state. Note that some geographic entities including places, voting districts, state legislative districts, school districts, and ZCTAs can cross county boundaries. ZCTAs can cross state boundaries. Thus summing the total number of these entities by county will result in a total higher than the number of entities within the state.

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Record Layout

Field Description
12FIPS State Code
23FIPS County Code
360County Name
410Minor Civil Division
510Census County Division
610Unorganized Territory
710Census Subareas
910Consolidated City
1010Incorporated Place
1110Census Designated Place
1210Census Tract
1310Block Group
1510Voting District
1610State Legislative District Upper Chamber
1710State Legislative District Lower Chamber
1810Traffic Analysis Zone
1910Elementary School District
2010Secondary School District
2110Unified School District
22103-digit ZCTA
23105-digit ZCTA

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Geography | (301) 763-1128 |  Last Revised: February 26, 2015