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Maps and Data

Maps & Data

Find geographic data and products such as the TIGER/Line Shapefiles, KMLs, TIGERweb, cartographic boundary files, geographic relationship files, and reference and thematic maps.


Census Data Mapper

The Census Data Mapper is a web mapping application intended to provide users with a simple interface to view, save and print county-based demographic maps of the United States.

Reference Maps

Reference maps are designed to show the geographic locations of features and boundaries. These maps usually contain features, such as roads and rivers, and boundaries, such as county, place, census tracts, or many more. These maps do not contain demographic data and are used solely to show the location of and relationship between boundaries and features. For interactive reference maps see TIGERweb.

Thematic Maps

Thematic maps are designed to show demographic, economic, business, or socioeconomic data about or characteristics of an area. Thematic maps tell a story spatially. They show a theme, or special topic, for a geographic area. Thematic maps may use features from reference maps as their base and then display additional data to tell a story about that area.

Maps Available for Purchase

A list of maps for purchase. Many of our maps are available to purchase in wall size format.

Demographic, Socioeconomic, Economic, and other Statistical Data

Statistical Data Tools

Statistical data can be found by using one of our many data tools.

Geographic Data

TIGER Products

Geospatial Files and Applications from our MAF/TIGER database. Tools for use in GIS software, Web Mapping Services (WMS) to use in your applications, and browsers to view geographic data.

Census Geocoder

The Census Geocoder allows users to look up the geography an address is located within for up to 1,000 addresses at a time.

Partnership Shapefiles

The Partnership Shapefiles are used in our partner programs to share data with and capture data from our partners.

Relationship Files

Relationship files help users compare different vintages of geography, such as Census 2000 blocks to 2010 Census blocks in text format.

Gazetteer Files

Lists of geographic entities, such as county, place, and census tracts, with information on name, geographic code, population, housing unit counts, and latitude/longitude of the internal point.

Block Assignment Files

Lists of blocks that make up selected geographic entities from the 2010 Census.

Name Look-Up Tables

Lists of geographic codes and corresponding name for selected geographic entities from the 2010 Census. These are meant to be used in conjunction with the Block Assignment Files.


Counts of geographic entities by type.


Mapping software that allows users to map data from Census 2000, the Environmental Protection Agency's Envirofacts and the U.S. Geological Survey's Geographic Names Information System.


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