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P.L. 94-171 County Block Maps (2000 Census)

For each county or statistically equivalent entity, the Census Bureau's block maps show the greatest detail and most complete set of geographic information. These large scale maps depict the smallest geographic entities for which the U.S. Census Bureau presents data - the census block - by displaying the features that form block boundaries and the numbers that identify them. The intent of this map series is to produce a map for each county, on the smallest possible number of map sheets, at the maximum practical scale. The maps show the boundaries, names and codes for American Indian areas/Alaska Native areas/Hawaiian home lands, county sub-divisions, places, voting districts, census tracts, block groups, and census blocks. Base feature details, such as roads, railroads, and water features are also shown. Each entity will be covered by one or more parent sheets at a single scale and when necessary, by inset maps at larger scales. For entities that are mapped on two or more map sheets, an index map showing the map sheet configuration will also be produced.

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File naming convention:


  • <SS> is the 2 digit state FIPS code,
  • <CCC> is the 3 digit county FIPS code
  • <###> is the map sheet number.
    • Index sheets are numbered '000'.
    • Parent sheets are numbered '001' through '999'.
    • Inset sheets are numbered 'A01' through 'Z99'.

[PDF] or PDF denotes a file in Adobe’s Portable Document Format. To view the file, you will need the Adobe® Reader® Off Site available free from Adobe.
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