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Boundary and Annexation Survey (BAS) Shapefiles and Maps

  • 2015 Partnership Shapefiles

    The shapefiles reflect the legal boundary of governments effective as of January 1, 2014. The current shapefiles begin with the prefix PVS_14_v3.  To download shapefiles, please select the state or state equivalent that you would like to download shapefiles for:

    Note on Special Characters Not Displaying Correctly

  • 2013 BAS Maps (No 2015 Maps will be created)

    The 2013 BAS maps are the most recent maps created for the BAS program. They display the updated legal boundaries and names valid thru January 1, 2012, for all governmental units that participated in the 2012 BAS. The BAS maps are an entity-based map series.   These reference maps are created for the following geographic entities:   counties or county equivalents, minor civil divisions (MCDs), places, consolidated cities, American Indian areas/Alaska Native areas (AIAs) and Hawaiian Home Lands (HHLs).   For more detailed information about the 2013 BAS Maps and their naming conventions, please visit the Description Page.

    Please select American Indian Areas, Hawaiian Home Lands, the state or state equivalent your entity is in:

  • Digital BAS FAQs and Tips
  • Digital BAS Tutorial Videos

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