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2015 Annual Survey of Local Government Finances

Supplemental Instructions for Selected States (F-28 Only)


Alabama - Counties [PDF, 109MB] New Mexico - Counties [PDF, 82MB]
Alabama - Cities and Towns [PDF, 73MB] New Mexico - Cities, Towns, and Villages [PDF, 112MB]
Arkansas - Counties [PDF, 115MB] North Dakota - Counties [PDF, 117MB]
Arkansas - Cities and Towns [PDF, 118MB] North Dakota - Cities [PDF, 99MB]
Colorado - Counties [PDF, 69MB] Ohio - Counties [PDF, 123MB]
Colorado - Cities and Towns [PDF, 123MB] Ohio - Cities [PDF, 107MB]
Connecticut - Cities, Boroughs, and Towns [PDF, 44MB] Ohio - Townships [PDF, 57MB]
Delaware - Cities and Towns [PDF, 23MB] Oklahoma - Counties [PDF, 117MB]
Florida - Counties [PDF, 119MB] Oregon - Counties [PDF, 129MB]
Florida - Cities, Towns, and Villages [PDF, 79MB] Oregon - Cities and Towns [PDF, 113MB]
Idaho - Counties [PDF, 81MB] Pennsylvania - Counties [PDF, 65MB]
Idaho - Cities [PDF, 115MB] Rhode Island - Cities and Towns [PDF, 99MB]
Iowa - Counties [PDF, 86MB] South Dakota - Counties [PDF, 114MB]
Kansas - Counties [PDF, 128MB] South Dakota - Cities and Towns [PDF, 114MB]
Kansas - Cities [PDF, 127MB] Tennessee - Counties [PDF, 81MB]
Louisiana - Parishes [PDF, 123MB] Tennessee - Cities and Towns [PDF, 115MB]
Louisiana - Cities and Towns [PDF, 119MB] Texas - Counties [PDF, 105MB]
Minnesota - Counties [PDF, 117MB] Texas - Cities, Towns, and Villages [PDF, 114MB]
Mississippi - Counties [PDF, 121MB] Vermont - Cities, Towns, and Villages [PDF, 111MB]
Mississippi - Municipalities [PDF, 66MB] Virginia - Counties [PDF, 62MB]
Missouri - Counties [PDF, 121MB] Virginia - Cities and Towns [PDF, 120MB]
Missouri - Muncipalities [PDF, 101MB] West Virginia - Counties [PDF, 116MB]
New Jersey - Counties [PDF, 117MB] West Virginia - Cities, Towns, and Villages [PDF, 117MB]
New Jersey - Cities, Towns, Boroughs, Villages, and Townships [PDF, 31MB]

[PDF] or PDF denotes a file in Adobe’s Portable Document Format. To view the file, you will need the Adobe® Reader® Off Site available free from Adobe.
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