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Technical Papers & References

2012 Research Workshop

On March 15, 2012, Governments Division participated in a Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics sponsored workshop entitled Censuses and Surveys of Governments: A Workshop on the Research and Methodology behind the Estimates. The following papers were presented at the workshop.

Research Reports

Report Number Author(s) Title Date
2012-3 Carma Hogue, Brian Zamperini, Cheryl Lee Bridge Report for the Introduction of the New Sample Design and Questionnaire for the Local Nonproperty Component of the Quarterly Summary of State and Local Tax Revenues [PDF, 463KB] June 2012
2012-2 Yang Cheng New Technique for Modifying the Cutoff Sample and Its Application [PDF, 584KB] February 2012
2012-1 Bac Tran and Yang Cheng Application of Small Area Estimation for Annual Survey of Employment and Payroll [PDF, 1,571KB] February 2012
2011-5 Melissa Braybrooks and Elizabeth Accetta Modernization of Annual Survey of State Government Tax Collections [PDF, 837KB] August 2011
2011-4 Marcus Graham and Brian Zamperini Initiatives and Improvements to the Quarterly Summary of State and Local Government Tax Revenue [PDF, 396KB] June 2011
2011-3 Melissa Braybrooks, Jennifer Charles, and Brian Zamperini Taxable Property Values Exploratory Research Study [PDF, 280KB] June 2011
2011-1 Andrea Roberson Study of the Imputation Methods for the Quarterly Survey of the Finances of Selected State and Local Government Employee Retirement Systems[PDF, 125KB] June 2011
2010-5 Casey Corcoran and Yang Cheng Alternative Sample Approach for the Annual Survey of Public Employment and Payroll [PDF, 183KB] October 2010
2010-4 Joseph J. Barth and Yang Cheng Stratification of a Sampling Frame with Auxiliary Data into Piecewise Linear Segments by Means of a Genetic Algorithm [PDF, 139KB] October 2010
2010-3 Yang Cheng, Eric Slud, and Carma Hogue Variance Estimation for Decision-Based Estimators with Application to the Annual Survey of Public Employment and Payroll [PDF, 225KB] October 2010
2010-2 Peter Schilling, Amy Couzens, and Joseph Barth A Study of the Methodological Changes to the Local Property Tax Component in 2008-2010 [PDF, 118KB] September 2010
2010-1 Marcus Graham, Rebecca L. Morrison, Amy Couzens, and La Toya Thomas Issues in Changing the Measurement Methodology for the Quarterly Tax Survey [PDF, 908KB] June 2010
2009-9 Yang Cheng, Casey Corcoran, Joe Barth, and Carma Hogue An Estimation Procedure for the New Employment Survey Design [PDF, 170KB] October 2009
2009-8 Kerstin Edwards, Kenneth Long, Jr., Carma Hogue, and Grace O'Neill Improving Response Rates for the 2007 Census of Government Employment [PDF, 154KB] October 2009
2009-7 Amy Cousins, Carma Hogue, and Paul Villena Progress on the Redesign of the Quarterly Tax Survey [PDF, 92KB] October 2009
2009-6 Joseph J. Barth, Yang Cheng, and Carma R. Hogue Reducing the Public Employment Survey Sample Size [PDF, 96KB] October 2009
2009-5 Loretta A. McKenzie, Terri L. Craig, and Jennifer N. Whitaker Developing Macro Edits for the Census and Annual Survey of Government Finance [PDF, 265KB] October 2009
2009-4 Irene Brown and Terri L. Craig Evaluation of Alternative Imputation Methods for the Public Libraries Survey (PLS) [PDF, 117KB] October 2009
2009-3 Carma Hogue, Erika Becker Medina, Nichele Waller, and Sheryl Jones Bridge Report for Quarterly Units: A Study of the Quarterly Retirement Survey Frame Change for 2009 [PDF, 41KB] September 2009
2009-2 Carma Hogue, Casey Corcoran, Terri Craig, and Peter Schilling 2007 Census of Government Finance: A Discussion of Response Rate Quality Issues, Data User Concerns, and Plans for Data Improvements (PLS) [PDF, 653KB] September 2009
2009-1 Lisa M. Blumerman and Philip M. Vidal Uses of Population and Income Statistics in Federal Funds Distribution–With a Focus on Census Bureau Data [PDF, 422KB] June 2009

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