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(Thousand Dollars)
Source: 2004 Annual Survey of State Government Finances. Data users who create their own estimates using
data from this report should cite the U.S. Census Bureau as the source of the original data only. The data in
this table are based on information from public records and contain no confidential data. Although the data in
this table come from a census of governmental units and are not subject to sampling error, the census results
do contain nonsampling error. Additional information on nonsampling error, response rates, and definitions
may be found at

Item       Amount      
Total revenue      21,814,644
    General revenue      17,408,920
        Intergovernmental revenue      6,721,608
        Taxes      6,803,568
            General sales      2,726,657
            Selective sales      963,329
            License taxes      383,505
            Individual income tax      2,438,712
            Corporate income tax      196,510
            Other taxes      94,855
        Current charges      2,673,865
        Miscellaneous general revenue      1,209,879
    Utility revenue      1,047,934
    Liquor stores revenue      0
    Insurance trust revenue(1)      3,357,790
Total expenditure      21,550,915
    Intergovernmental expenditure      4,159,942
    Direct expenditure      17,390,973
        Current operation      12,045,657
        Capital outlay      1,771,527
        Insurance benefits and repayments      2,293,201
        Assistance and subsidies      698,482
        Interest on debt      582,106
Exhibit: Salaries and wages      2,736,968
Total expenditure      21,550,915
General expenditure      18,083,674
        Intergovernmental expenditure      4,159,942
        Direct expenditure      13,923,732
    General expenditure, by function:       
        Education      6,104,392
        Public welfare      4,936,352
        Hospitals      1,115,267
        Health      677,607
        Highways      1,412,728
        Police protection      182,727
        Correction      419,758
        Natural resources      201,047
        Parks and recreation      68,284
        Governmental administration      759,380
        Interest on general debt      426,590
        Other and unallocable      1,779,542
    Utility expenditure      1,174,040
    Liquor stores expenditure      0
    Insurance trust expenditure      2,293,201
Debt at end of fiscal year      11,883,890
Cash and security holdings      30,604,121

(1) Within insurance trust revenue, net earnings of state retirement systems
is a calculated statistic (the item code in the data file is X08), and thus can be
positive or negative. Net earnings is the sum of earnings on investments plus gains on
investments minus losses on investments. The change made in 2002 for asset valuation
from book to market value in accordance with Statement 34 of the Governmental
Accounting Standards Board is reflected in the calculated statistics.
Created: December 2005
Last Revised:   January 5, 2011

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | State Government Finances | (800) 242-4523| |  Last Revised: January 20, 2011