Federal, State, and Local Governments
Government Finance and Employment Classification Manual

FUNCTION CODE:   32 NAME:    Other Health
SECTOR:    General APPLIES TO:    Finance |X|    Employment |X|
PUBLICATION CATEGORIES:    Social Services and Income Maintenance; Health
DEFINITION:    Provision of services for the conservation and improvement of public health, other than hospital care, and financial support of other governments' health programs.
EXAMPLES:   Public health administration, laboratories, public education, vital statistics, research, and other general health activities; categorical health programs (e.g., control of cancer, TB, socially transmitted diseases, mental illness, etc. and maternal and child health care); health-related inspection and regulation (e.g., inspection of restaurants, water supplies, food handlers, nursing homes, etc.); community and visiting nurses; immunization programs; out-patient health clinics; regulation of air and water quality, sanitary engineering, and other environmental health activities; rabies and animal control; abatement of mosquitoes, rodents, and other vermin; ambulance and emergency medical services ONLY IF handled separately from fire department; alcohol and drug abuse prevention and rehabilitation; school health services provided by a health agency; activities funded by Federal W.I.C. funds--Women, Infants, and Children. For Federal Government also includes Food and Drug Administration and Environmental Protection Agency (except sewerage construction grants).
EXCLUSIONS:   Vendor payments for medical appliances, supplies, or services under public assistance programs (use code E74); examination and licensing of health-related professions--e.g., doctors, nurses, and barbers (report at Protective Inspection and Regulation, NEC, code 66); activities related to agricultural standards or protection of agricultural products from disease (report at Other Agriculture, code 54); operation or construction of nursing homes (report at Public Welfare, codes 77/79); vocational rehabilitation (report at Education, codes 18/21); coroners and crime labs (report at Police Protection, code 62). For Federal Government exclude veterans' medical care (report at Veterans' Health, code 28).
REFERENCES: - To be added later -
OTHER NOTES:    Effective with 1988 data, the classification of the following items was clarified: report nursing homes (except inspection of) at Public Welfare and ambulance services at Health only if latter are not organized under a fire department.
  General Purpose Governments
EXPENDITURES, DIRECT: Federal StateD.C. Large City-County Other LocalSpecial District
E32 Current Operations Y YY Y YY
I32 Assistance and Subsidies Y NN N NN
F32 Construction Y YY Y YY
G32 Land & Existing Structures Y YY Y YY
K32 Equipment Y YY Y NN
L32 State Y NN Y YY
M32 Locals, NEC Y YY Y YY
N32 General Purpose Locals N YN N NN
R32 Special Districts N YN N NN
* Shows whether data are collected (Y) or not (N) for that type.