Federal, State, and Local Governments
Government Finance and Employment Classification Manual

FUNCTION CODE:   36 NAME:    Own Hospitals (except Federal Veterans)
SECTOR:    General APPLIES TO:    Finance |X|    Employment | |
PUBLICATION CATEGORIES:    Social Services and Income Maintenance; Hospitals other than Federal Veterans
DEFINITION:    Hospital facilities providing in-patient medical care and institutions primarily for care and treatment of handicapped (rather than education) which are directly administered by a government, including those operated by public universities. Also covers direct payments for acquisition or construction of hospitals whether or not the government will operate the completed facility.
EXAMPLES:   Government-operated general hospitals; institutions for the custody, treatment, or general care of the mentally insane or defective, feeble-minded, mentally retarded, or emotionally disturbed; TB sanatoria, maternity and children hospitals, orthopedic hospitals, and hospitals for chronic diseases; institutions for care and treatment of blind, deaf, developmentally disabled, or other special classes of handicap; hospitals associated with university medical schools (including paid student help).
EXCLUSIONS:   Nursing homes (or other welfare institutions) not directly associated with a public hospital (report at Public Welfare, codes 77/79); state schools for blind, deaf, or other handicapped primarily for education and training (report at Other Education, code 21); hospitalization of persons in other public or private hospitals (report at Other Hospitals, codes 38/39); payments to private vendors for medical care under welfare programs (use code E74); support of other public or private hospitals (use code 38); infirmaries serving particular institutions, like college infirmaries and prison hospitals (report at function involved); hospitals for criminally insane operated by corrections agency (report at Correctional Institutions, code 04); payments to or employment of private corporations which lease and operate government-owned hospitals (for payments, use code 38); instructional staff of medical school hospitals (report at Other Higher Education, code 18); veterans hospitals operated by U.S. Veterans Administration (report at Own Hospitals-Veterans, code 37).
REFERENCES: - To be added later -
OTHER NOTES:    (1) Report public hospital expenditures from Federal Medicaid funds here. (2) Effective with 1985 data, the following four state-only categories were consolidated into this single function due to the growing difficulty of distinguishing them: Regular Mental Hospitals, Other Mental Hospitals, General Hospitals, and Own Hospitals, NEC. (3) Refer to dependent agency checklists for state and large city and county government institutions included in this function.
  General Purpose Governments
EXPENDITURES, DIRECT: Federal StateD.C. Large City-County Other LocalSpecial District
E36 Current Operations Y YY Y YY
F36 Construction Y YY Y YY
G36 Land & Existing Structures Y YY Y YY
K36 Equipment Y YY Y NN
* Shows whether data are collected (Y) or not (N) for that type.