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Federal, State, and Local Governments
Government Finance and Employment Classification Manual

FUNCTION CODE:   68 NAME:    Other Cash Assistance Programs
SECTOR:    General APPLIES TO:    Finance |X|    Employment | |
PUBLICATION CATEGORIES:    Social Services and Income Maintenance; Public Welfare; Cash Assistance Payments
DEFINITION:    Cash payments made directly to individuals contingent upon their need, other than those under Federal categorical assistance programs.
EXAMPLES:   Poor relief; general relief; home relief; emergency relief; general assistance; refugee assistance; medical assistance, housing expense relief, energy assistance (e.g., Federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP), emergency assistance, etc. paid directly to individuals and not to vendors; other direct assistance to needy persons not covered by or eligible for Federal categorical assistance; payments to other governments in support of, or as reimbursement for costs of, these types of assistance programs.
EXCLUSIONS:   Administration of such programs (report at Other Public Welfare, code 79); cash payments made under Federal categorical assistance programs (use code E67); payments made to vendors rather than the individuals benefited (report at Vendor Payments, codes E74 / E75); bonus payments to veterans as a class and not contingent on their need (report at Veterans' Bonuses, code E84); noncash or in-kind contributions--e.g., milk, cheese, clothing, etc. (report purchases of such items at function of contributing agency).
REFERENCES: - To be added later -
OTHER NOTES:   Report any employment data related to these payments at Other Public Welfare, code 79.
  General Purpose Governments
EXPENDITURES, DIRECT: Federal StateD.C. Large City-County Other LocalSpecial District
E68 Assistance and Subsidies N YY Y YN
M68 Locals, NEC N YY Y YN
N68 General Purpose Locals N YN N NN
* Shows whether data are collected (Y) or not (N) for that type.