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Federal, State, and Local Governments
Governments Integrated Directory
(as enumerated for the 2002 Census of Governments)


This presentation of the Governments Integrated Directory (GID) contains name, unique identification code, and other reference information about all local governments and dependent school systems in the United States, as enumerated for the 2002 Census of Governments.  The GID is the master list of all governments in the United States, and is used in the Census Bureau's government statistical programs.  Census statistics on governments are designed to account for all public sector financial and employment activity without omission or duplication.
 Available Data
* On-Line Query System search the Directory based on specific criteria

Downloadable Data Files
2002 Independent Governments Number of records Compressed file size Expanded file size
* County Governments 3,034 .2 mb 1.2 mb
* Municipal Governments 19,429 .9 mb 9.0 mb
* Township Governments 16,504 .7 mb 7.6 mb
* Special District Governments 35,052 1.4 mb 16.7 mb
* School District Governments 13,506 .66 mb 5.8 mb

2002 Dependent School Systems
* State Dependent School Systems 178 .07 mb .06 mb
* Local Dependent School Systems 1,330 .12 mb .57 mb
* Education Service Agencies
  (Agencies providing support services to public school systems)
1,196 58 kb .5 mb

 Reference Information
* Technical Documentation data item definitions and file record layouts
* 2002 Government Organization Technical Documentation explanations and limitations of the 2002 Census Local Government Directory Survey and the updating of the Governments Integrated Directory
* Government Finance and Employment Classification Manual definitions and explanations of the various item codes

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* State and Local Government Finances state government and local government data on revenues, expenditures, indebtedness, and cash/securities
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* Public Employment and Payroll data on the number of government civilian employees and their gross payrolls for one month

 Contact Information
* Contact us by email or by phone at (301) 763-1586.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Governments Division
Created: October 23 2000
Last revised: October 24 2011