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Federal, State, and Local Governments
State and Local Government Tax Collections

The United States Census Bureau conducts two surveys of state and local government tax collections.

State Government Tax Collections covers taxes collected by each state during the fiscal year. Detail includes up to 25 tax categories per state, plus summaries.

Quarterly Summary of State and Local Government Tax Revenue provides quarterly estimates of state and local tax revenue, as well as detailed tax revenue data for individual states. This quarterly survey has been conducted continuously since 1962. The information contained in this survey is the most current information available on a nationwide basis for government tax collections.

 Available Data types and number of files vary somewhat depending upon reference year 
* State Government Tax Collections statistics available in viewable tables and data files
* Quarterly Summary of State and Local Government Tax Revenue statistics available in viewable tables and spreadsheet files

 Reference Information
[PDF] or PDF denotes a file in Adobe’s Portable Document Format. To view the file, you will need the Adobe® Reader® Off Site available free from Adobe.
* Government Finance and Employment Classification Manual Explains how government finances and employment data are categorized, and explains the item codes used to create those categories.
* Survey Forms printable versions of the latest survey forms
* Sample Design History PDF sampling methodology used for Finance and Employment surveys for 1987-2003

 Contact Information
* Contact us by phone at (866) 820-7210.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Governments Division
Created: February 7, 2001
Last revised: September 26 2011