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Families and Living Arrangements

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Historical Time Series

Marital Status
Median age at first marriage since 1890, as well as marital status by sex.

Living Arrangements of Adults
Young adults living at home, since 1960, as well as estimates of unmarried couples, by presence of children.

Living Arrangements of Children
Children, by presence of parents, and race and Hispanic origin; as well as estimates of grandchildren living in their grandparents’ home.

Estimates of households (occupied housing units) by race, Hispanic origin and age of the householder; as well as by size of household and tenure. Also includes average population per household and family since 1940.

Families (households in which the householder has at least one relative) by presence of children. Also includes married couples by labor force status of spouses, and estimates of stay-at-home parents.

State Tables
Average Number of Children Per Family and Per Family With Children, by State, for 1990 and 2000.

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