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Migration/Geographic Mobility

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CPS User Note: Metro/Nonmetro Migration 2001-2003

February 25, 2008

In the 2001, 2002, and 2003 CPS ASEC files, some places of residence one-year ago in metropolitan areas were mistakenly characterized as being nonmetropolitan. These places included, but were not limited to: Scottsdale, AZ; Tempe, AZ; Tucson, AZ; Jacksonville, FL; Miami, FL; Laredo, TX; Midland, TX; Casper, WY; and Cheyenne, WY.

In estimates of movers from these places during the one-year period, the variable for metropolitan area status one-year ago (MIG_PLAC) was coded as a place in a nonmetropolitan rather than metropolitan area. This error carried over to the type-of-move variable (MIG_MTR1) in which moves from those places were classified as nonmetropolitan to metropolitan instead of metropolitan to metropolitan moves. Also, nonmetropolitan to nonmetropolitan were classified as metropolitan to nonmetropolitan moves. This resulted in an overestimation of movers from nonmetropolitan areas and an underestimation of movers from metropolitan areas in the products and tabulations produced from 2001, 2002, and 2003 survey years. The table below shows the changes for the national figures before and after the correction.

Metropolitan/Nonmetropolitan Mobility: 2001

(Numbers in thousands)

Metropolitan Mobility Revised Original
Total people age 1+ years 275,611 275,611
Total non-movers 235,726 235,726
Movers within the same MSA 22,815 21,107
Within the same central city 7,571 7,381
Between central cities 407 291
Between suburbs 9,791 9,013
Central city to suburb 3,400 2,994
Suburb to central city 1,646 1,428
Movers between MSAs 7,080 7,656
Between central cities 1,786 1,719
Between suburbs 2,080 2,408
Central city to suburb 2,011 2,240
Suburb to central city 1,194 1,288
Movers from MSAs to nonmetro areas 1,550 1,484
From central city 679 660
From suburb 870 824
Movers from nonmetro areas to MSAs 2,084 3,221
To central city 757 1,251
To suburb 1,327 1,971
Movers; outside MSAs both dates 4,604 4,665
Nonmetro same county 3,496 3,496
Nonmetro different county 1,108 1,170
Movers from abroad 1,752 1,752
To central cities 715 715
To suburbs 935 935
To nonmetro areas 101 101

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