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Poverty - Experimental Measures

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Medical Care

Medical Out-of-Pocket Spending Among the Uninsured: Differential Spending & The Supplemental Poverty Measure [PDF - 315k]
Kyle J. Caswell and Kathleen S. Short (July 2011)

Medical Out-of-Pocket Expenses, Poverty, and the Uninsured [PDF - 262k]
Kyle Caswell and Brett O'Hara, U.S. Census Bureau (January 2011)

Imputing Medical Out-of-Pocket (MOOP) Expenditures using SIPP and MEPS [PDF - 304k]
Sharon I. O'Donnell and Rodney Beard (August 2009)

Experimental Poverty Measures Under Alternate Treatments of Medical Out-of-Pocket Expenditures: An Application of the Consumer Expenditure Survey [PDF - 217k]
Kathleen Short and Thesia I. Garner (February 2002)

Medical Out-of-Pocket Expenditures and Alternative Poverty Measures [PDF - 98k]
Brett O'Hara and Pat Doyle, U.S. Census Bureau (October 2001)

Do the Current Poverty Thresholds Include Any Amount for Health Care?
Richard Bavier, (March 2001)

Imputation of Medical Out of Pocket (MOOP) Spending to CPS Records [PDF - 88k]
David M. Betson, (February 2001)

Medical Spending, Health Insurance, and Measurement of American Poverty
Gary Burtless and Sarah Siegel, (August 2001)

Medical Care Needs in Poverty Thresholds: Problems Posed by the Uninsured [PDF - 227k]
Jessica Banthin, Thesia Garner and Kathleen Short, (December 2000)

Response to Bavier's Critique of the NRC Panel's Recommendations [PDF - 234k]
David M. Betson, (November 2000)

Medical Out-Of-Pocket Spending in Poverty Thresholds
Richard Bavier, (October 2000)

Medical Needs and the Poverty Thresholds
Richard Bavier, (March 1998)

How do We Deduct Something We Do Not Collect? The Case of Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenditures
Pat Doyle, (August 1997)

Who's at Risk? Designing a Medical Care Risk Index
Pat Doyle, (May 1997)

In Search of an Elusive Truth. "How Much Do Americans Spend on Their Health Care?" [PDF - 55k]
David Betson, (April 1997)

The New Poverty Measure: Administrative Data as a Source of Medical Expenditures
Pat Doyle and Meg Johantgen, (June 1996)

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