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TABLE 19. Region, Division And Residence - Poverty Status of Families And Persons In 1996 (Numbers in thousands)

All Families,All Families,Families With Related,Children Under 18,All Families,Married Couple Families,All Families,With Related,Children Under 18,All Families,Families With Female,Householder- No,Spouse Present,All Families,Spouse Present- With,Related Children Under,18,All Families,All Persons,All Families,Persons In Families,All Families
Persons In Families With,Related Children Under,18,All Families,Persons In Married,Couple Families,All Families,Couple Families With,Related,Children Under 18,All Families,Persons In Families With,Female Householder-,No Spouse Present,All Families,No Spouse Present- With,Related Children Under,18,All Families,Unrelated Individuals,All Families

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
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Last revised: July 28, 2004