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TABLE 9. Number of Children, Marital Status, and Work Experience In 1996 of Persons 16 Years and Over (Numbers in thousands)

Persons In Families,Both Sexes,Persons With A Spouse,Both Sexes,Persons Without A Spouse,Both Sexes,Family Householder Without A,Spouse,Both Sexes,Never Married Persons Who Are,Family Hhlder,Both Sexes,Divorced or Separated Persons,Who Are Family Hhlder,Both Sexes,Persons Who Worked During Year,Both Sexes,Persons Who Worked Year-Round,Full-Time,Both Sexes
Persons Who Worked- But Not,Year-Round Full-Time,Both Sexes,Persons Who Did Not Work,Both Sexes,White,Both Sexes,Black,Both Sexes,Persons of Hispanic Origin,Both Sexes

Source: U.S. Census Bureau
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Last revised: July 28, 2004