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Health Insurance

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ACS Health Insurance Coverage Recoding Programming Code

This document shows how our computer program takes some key edited health insurance variables and recodes them into the variables we use most often to prepare our tables and reports.

For a detailed description of all ACS variables in a data dictionary, go to:

Using Data from ACS 2008 or later years

Insured / Any Health Insurance Coverage Status
Variable: HICOV

    IF HINS1, HINS2, HINS3, HINS4, HINS5 or HINS6 = 1
    THEN HICOV = 1   "yes"
    ELSE HICOV = 2   "no"

Private Health Insurance Status
Variable: PRIVCOV

    IF HINS1, HINS2, or HINS5 = 1
    THEN PRIVCOV = 1   "yes"
    ELSE PRIVCOV = 2   "no"

Public Coverage Status
Variable: PUBCOV

    IF HINS3, HINS4 or HINS6 = 1
    THEN PUBCOV = 1   "yes"
    ELSE PUBCOV = 2   "no"

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Health Insurance |  Last Revised: June 25, 2015