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Housing Patterns

MSA/PMSA Table Creation

To create a table, select one or more items in the Race/Ethnicity list, one or more items in the MSA/PMSA list, any number of items in the index list, one or more years in the year list, a unit of analysis, and press the Get Table button. Note that indexes may be displayed in columns or in rows. (Columns are generally preferable, but tables with a large number of indexes may be too wide to print.) See list of the data that are not available. Note that there is a limit to the size of a generated table; see criteria for a table that is too large to display.

Race / EthnicityMSA / PMSA
IndexYearUnit of Analysis
Display indices in Columns or Rows

After you have made your selections, then or

Criteria for a Table that is Too Large to Display

A table will be generated unless it is so large that it will take a browser an excessively long time to load. You may generate a smaller table or, from these linked pages, you may download the data for all MSAs/PMSAs in text file or Excel file format. A table is "too large to display" if it meets any of the criteria below.

For tables with indices displayed in COLUMNs:

For tables with indices displayed in ROWs, a table will be created unless the total number of rows exceeds 1800. The number of rows will be dependent upon the number of selected items for:

  1. races/ethnicities
  2. places
  3. indices
  4. years

Note that since some races/ethnicities are not available for some years (and this differs depending on whether the unit of analysis is Tract or Block Group), the calculation of the number of rows is the number of each of these four selected items multiplied together EXCLUDING the data that are not available.

Note that there are:

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Housing and Household Economic Statistics Division
Last Revised: October 31, 2011