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 Housing Patterns

Micropolitan Area (as defined June 6, 2003) Table Creation

To create a table, select one or more items in the Race/Ethnicity list, one or more items in the Micropolitan Area list, any number of items in the index list, and press the Get Table button. Data are available for micropolitan areas with 10 or more tracts and at least 100 in minority population for the group in question. Core-Based Statistical Areas (CBSA) refers collectively to metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas. CBSAs are defined as of June 6, 2003. The unit of analysis is the census tract. Note that indexes may be displayed in columns or in rows. (Columns are generally preferable, but tables with a large number of indexes may be too wide to print.)

Race / EthnicityMicropolitan Area
Display indices in Columns or Rows

After you have made your selections, then or

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Housing and Household Economic Statistics Division
Last Revised: September 30, 2011