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 Housing Patterns

MSA/PMSA Table Creation

To create a table, select one or more items in the Race/Ethnicity list, one or more items in the MSA/PMSA list, any number of items in the index list, one or more years in the year list, a unit of analysis, and press the Get Table button. Note that indexes may be displayed in columns or in rows. (Columns are generally preferable, but tables with a large number of indexes may be too wide to print.) See list of the data that are not available.

Race / EthnicityMSA / PMSA
IndexYearUnit of Analysis
Display indices in Columns or Rows

After you have made your selections, then or

Contact the HHES Information area at 301-763-3242 or visit for further information on Housing Patterns Data.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Housing and Household Economic Statistics Division
Last Revised: September 30, 2011