Housing Patterns

MSA/PMSA Text Files and Description

The Text files only contain data -- no labels, no table headers, no titles. A description of the contents of the files is provided below and in the "README" file in the Text file directory.

I.   File Organization:

     The files in the Residential Housing Patterns directory contain 19 indexes of
     residential housing patterns for each race/ethnicity group and MSA/PMSA.
     There is one record per race/ethnicity group and MSA/PMSA (as defined on June 
     30, 1999). There is one file for each year, each race/ethnicity group, and 
     unit of analysis and one file for each year and unit of analysis with all groups 
     combined. All indexes were calculated using Non-Hispanic Whites as the reference 
     group.  The number of race/ethnicity groups and MSAs/PMSAs per year are indicated 

                         Number of         Number of
             Year   Race/Ethnicity Groups  MSAs/PMSAs

             1980            4                330
             1990            4                331
             2000            6                331

II. File Names: 1980 Files: The Unit of Analysis is the Census Tract tract1980ALL.dat ALL race/ethnicity groups tract1980aian.dat American Indian and Alaska Native tract1980api.dat Asian and Pacific Islander tract1980black.dat Black or African American tract1980hisp.dat Hispanic 1990 Files: The Unit of Analysis is the Census Tract tract1990ALL.dat ALL race/ethnicity groups tract1990aian.dat American Indian and Alaska Native tract1990api.dat Asian and Pacific Islander tract1990black.dat Black or African American tract1990hisp.dat Hispanic 2000 Files: The Unit of Analysis is the Census Tract tract2000ALL.dat ALL race/ethnicity groups tract2000aian.dat American Indian and Alaska Native tract2000api.dat Asian and Pacific Islander tract2000asian.dat Asian tract2000nhopi.dat Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander tract2000black.dat Black or African American tract2000hisp.dat Hispanic The Unit of Analysis is the Block Group bg2000ALL.dat ALL race/ethnicity groups bg2000aian.dat American Indian and Alaska Native bg2000api.dat Asian and Pacific Islander bg2000asian.dat Asian bg2000nhopi.dat Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander bg2000black.dat Black or African American bg2000hisp.dat Hispanic
III. Record Layout Position Variable 1- 4 Year 6- 10 Race/Ethnicity group 12- 15 MSA/PMSA code 17- 70 MSA/PMSA name 72- 80 MSA/PMSA total population 82- 90 MSA/PMSA minority population 92- 98 Atkinson index with b=.1 (A1) 100-106 Atkinson index with b=.5 (A5) 108-114 Atkinson index with b=.9 (A9) 116-122 Absolute Centralization index (ACE) 124-130 Absolute Clustering index (ACL) 132-138 Absolute Concentration index (ACO) 140-146 Correlation ratio or Eta squared (V) 148-154 Dissimilarity index (D) 156-162 Distance Decay Isolation index (DPxx*) 164-170 Distance Decay Interaction index (DPxy*) 172-178 Duncan's Delta index (DEL) 180-186 Entropy index (H) 188-194 Gini index (G) 196-202 Interaction index (xPy*) 204-210 Isolation index (xPx*) 212-218 Relative Centralization index (RCE) 220-226 Relative Clustering index (RCL) 228-234 Relative Concentration index (RCO) 236-242 Spatial Proximity index (SP)

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Housing and Household Economic Statistics Division
Last Revised: September 30, 2011