Survey of Market Absorption of Apartments (SOMA)

NOTE TO DATA USERS: Beginning with completions in 2006, the metropolitan area data will change. Based on revisions to the definitions of metropolitan areas by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), plus changes enacted to the Survey of Construction (SOC) and the Building Permit Survey - there will be a new set of areas covered by this survey, and the current areas will no longer be compiled. Even for those areas that appear to be the same in name, the geography, in virtually all cases is different, due primarily to ever-expanding reaches of the nation's metropolitan areas. Presently, SOMA includes a combination of 95 total primary metropolitan statistical areas, metropolitan statistical areas and combined metropolitan statistical areas. Beginning with 2006 completions, absorption rates for unfurnished rental apartments in a total of 45 core based statistical areas will be compiled, 15 of which will be covered on a quarter-by-quarter basis. For further information, contact Alan Friedman on (301) 763-5664.

Core Based Statistical Area Absorption Rates - Fourth Quarter 2007

(Completions in Third Quarter 2007)
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Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Social, Economic, and Housing Statistics Division