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Voting and Registration

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Census.govPopulation Voting and Registration Main Publications


Population Characteristic (CPS P20) Reports and Detailed Tables
The P20 reports and detailed tables are released every two years following national level elections. The publicationsare considered the Census Bureauís main voting and registration resources and examine levels of voting and registration, the characteristics of citizens who reported either registering or voting in the election, and the reasons why some registered individuals did not vote. In this section users can also locate year specific product announcements and survey source and accuracy statements.

Voting Hot Report
This dynamic website graphically displays voting and registration data from elections held from 1996-2012 for states and the nation by age, education, sex, race, and Hispanic origin.

Historical CPS Time Series Tables
The historical time series tables present voting and registration estimates alongside various demographic characteristics for each national level election between 1964 and the present. There are currently ten historical tables in all: four that address Presidential elections, four that address Congressional elections, and two that address all national level elections.

CPS Microdata
This section provides information on how users can access Current Population Survey microdata via Public Use Files and DataFerrett.

Other Historical Voting Related Products
In this section users can find a variety of additional voting and registration products, including population estimate reports, population projection reports, decennial census estimates, and other voting related products, such as statistical briefs and working papers.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Voting and Registration |  Last Revised: April 24, 2014