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New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey (NYCHVS)

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You are here: Census.govPeople and HouseholdsNew York City Housing and Vacancy Survey (NYCHVS) MainData › › 2011 New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey - Series IA: Renter Occupied Housing Units by Rent Regulation Status

2011 New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey - Series IA: Renter Occupied Housing Units by Rent Regulation Status

1-Household Composition [XLS - 36K] [CSV - 2.7K]

2-Age and Sex of Householder [XLS - 35K] [CSV - 3.1K]

3-Age of Householder [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 1.9K]

4-Race and Ethnicity of Householder [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 2.0K]

5-Number of Persons [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 1.9K]

6-Presence of Non-Relatives [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.4K]

7-Household Members Under Age 18 [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.6K]

8-Household Members Under Age 6 [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.5K]

9-2010 Total Household Income [XLS - 35K] [CSV - 3.1K]

10-2010 Total Income of Primary Individuals [XLS - 36K] [CSV - 3.2K]

11-Previous Residence of Householder [XLS - 40K] [CSV - 3.7K]

12-Year Householder Moved into Unit [XLS - 35K] [CSV - 2.7K]

13-Reason Householder Moved from Previous Residence [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 1.7K]

14-Borough [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.4K]

15-New York City Structure Class [XLS - 35K] [CSV - 2.3K]

16-Year Building Built [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 2.2K]

17-Number of Units in Building [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 2.1K]

18-Number of Stories in Building [XLS - 35K] [CSV - 1.9K]

19-Presence of Owner in Building [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.5K]

20-Elevator in Structure with 2 Stories or More [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 2.1K]

21-Condition of Building [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.3K]

22-Condition of External Walls of Building [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 1.8K]

23-Condition of Windows of Building [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.8K]

24-Condition of Stairways of Building [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 1.9K]

25-Condition of Floors of Building [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 1.8K]

26-Number of Building Condition Problems [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.9K]

27-Rooms [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 1.9K]

28-Persons per Room [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 1.8K]

29-Bedrooms [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.5K]

30-Monthly Contract Rent [XLS - 35K] [CSV - 2.9K]

32-Contract Rent as Percent of Household Income [XLS - 36K] [CSV - 2.6K]

33-Monthly Contract Rent per Room [XLS - 35K] [CSV - 2.3K]

35-Gross Rent [XLS - 35K] [CSV - 2.8K]

36-Gross Rent as Percent of Household Income [XLS - 36K] [CSV - 2.6K]

37-Monthly Gross Rent per Room [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 2.3K]

38-Households Receiving Public Assistance [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 2.3K]

39-Households Below Specified Poverty Income Level [XLS - 35K] [CSV - 4.1K]

42-Type of Heating Fuel [XLS - 35K] [CSV - 1.9K]

43-Monthly Cost of Electricity [XLS - 36K] [CSV - 2.4K]

44-Monthly Cost of Utility Gas [XLS - 36K] [CSV - 2.5K]

45-Monthly Cost of Water and Sewer [XLS - 36K] [CSV - 2.0K]

46-Monthly Cost of Other Fuels [XLS - 35K] [CSV - 2.2K]

47-Additional Heating Required [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.3K]

48-Breakdown in Heating System (6 Hours or More) [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.8K]

49-Cracks/Holes in Walls or Ceiling, or Holes in Floor [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.9K]

50-Broken Plaster or Peeling Paint [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.5K]

51-Rodent Infestation in Building [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 2.7K]

52-Water Leak in Unit [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.4K]

53-Number of 2011 Maintenance Deficiencies [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 2.4K]

54-Number of 1987 Maintenance Deficiencies (Modified) [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 2.2K]

55-Number of Cockroaches in Building [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.5K]

56-Buildings with Broken or Boarded-Up Windows on Street (Observation) [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.4K]

57-Neighborhood Residential Structure Condition Rating (Respondent) [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.6K]

58-Length of Lease [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 1.9K]

59-Cooperative/Condominium Status of Building or Development [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.5K]

60-Householder Lived in Unit When Converted to Cooperative or Condominium [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.8K]

61-Non-Eviction Conversion to Cooperative or Condominium [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.9K]

62-Presence of Plumbing Facilities [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.4K]

63-Toilet Breakdown [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.6K]

64-Presence of Kitchen Facilities [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.6K]

65-Functioning of Kitchen Facilities [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.6K]

66-Public Assistance or Welfare Payments [XLS - 35K] [CSV - 3.4K]

95-Wheelchair Accessibility - Building Entrance [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.4K]

96-Wheelchair Accessibility - Elevator [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.7K]

97-Wheelchair Accessibility - Residential Unit Entrance [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.5K]

98-What Floor is the Unit On? [XLS - 35K] [CSV - 2.2K]

99-Access from Sidewalk to Elevator without Using Stairs [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.8K]

100-Access from Sidewalk to Unit without Using Stairs [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.6K]

101-Monthly Out-of-Pocket Contract Rent [XLS - 35K] [CSV - 3.0K]

102-Households Receiving Part of Monthly Rent from Government Programs [XLS - 39K] [CSV - 7.2K]

103-Did Householder Move to the United States as an Immigrant? [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 1.9K]

104-Year Householder Moved to the United Sates [XLS - 35K] [CSV - 3.0K]

105-Year Householder Moved to New York City [XLS - 30K] [CSV - 3.0K]

106-Health of Respondent [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.7K]

107-Land-Line Telephone in Apartment (House) [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.4K]

108-Cell Phone Usage [XLS - 34K] [CSV - 2.0K]

111-Home Energy Assistance [XLS - 37K] [CSV - 2.4K]

112-Health Care Postponed for Financial Reasons [XLS - 36K] [CSV - 3.1K]

113-Grab Bars in the Bathroom Used Most [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 2.0K]

114-Has Household Member 65 or Over Fallen in the Past 3 Months? [XLS - 33K] [CSV - 1.7K]

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau | New York City Housing and Vacancy Survey (NYCHVS) |  Last Revised: 2013-01-25T08:32:21.557-05:00