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Diversity Program

Valuing Diversity and Building a Better Workplace

The Census Bureau is committed to attracting, developing, and retaining a diverse world-class workforce that reflects the population we serve and measure. Through our diverse culture we can draw upon relevant features of individual backgrounds and better serve customers.  Public cooperation is essential to Census work.  It is our mission to be the preeminent collector and provider of data with respect to the various differences in and of the people and economy of the United States.

What is Diversity?

Diversity is defined as all of the ways in which we differ.  Among these dimensions are age, gender, mental/physical abilities and characteristics, race, ethnic heritage, sexual orientation, communications style, organizational role and level, first language, religion, income, work experience, military experience, geographic location, education, work style, and family status.  Effectively, managing diversity means including people with differences in the design and implementation of programs and valuing their contributions. Why? Because programs become innovative, problem solving is more effective and errors are avoided because organizations create opportunities to draw upon people with different backgrounds which provide new perspectives for organizational and personal success. 

Who are we in the Diversity Programs Office?

While becoming "diversity savvy" encompasses the efforts of all bureau employees, the Diversity Programs Office is the place where employees can find experienced staff strongly committed to building a more diverse and inclusive workplace. The Office is located in HQ-2J448.  You may contact the Diversity Programs Coordinator at

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"Committed to Building a Better Census Bureau"
Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Human Resources Division | (301) 763-3371 |  Last Revised: May 21, 2013