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Form SF-1199A Instructions

Form SF-1199A - Direct Deposit Sign-Up PDF [267.32 KB]

Completion of this form is necessary for the timely payment of your biweekly salary.

Section 1

  • A - Enter your name, address, and telephone number.
  • B - Skip
  • C - Enter
  • D - Check next to your account type.
  • E - Enter your account number. Do you leave blank spaces between the numbers. You may use dashes if they are part of your account number.
  • F - Self-explanatory
  • G - Skip

Joint Account Holders' Certification: If there are two names on the account, both account holders must sign here.

Section 2

  • Government Agency Name: Census Bureau
  • Government Agency Address: Washington, DC 20233

Section 3

  • This must be completed, signed, and dated by your financial institution and given back to you.


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Source: U.S. Census Bureau | Human Resources Division | (301) 763-4748 |  Last Revised: April 08, 2013