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How well do you know the states? Do you know the percentage of the population that walk or drive to work in New York? What percentage of people make between $50,000 and $75,000 in St. Petersburg, FL? How many women have doctoral degrees in Sacramento, CA?

Test your knowledge with Census PoP Quiz, a new population challenge about the 50 states and the District of Columbia from the U.S. Census Bureau.

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  • Challenges that test your knowledge of population, housing, commuting, and more for all 50 states and the nation's capital.
  • Share your badge on social media for each challenge you complete correctly.
  • Statistics powered by the American Community Survey, which provides information on more than 40 topics for every neighborhood in the nation.
  • Complete all the states to unlock the U.S. challenge.

The Census PoP Quiz app is just one example of how the Census Bureau is following the Digital Government Strategy by making its statistics more available anywhere, anytime and in any place. The Census Bureau does not collect or retain any information using this application. All information is stored only on your phone.

Source data tables

Full tables are available in the American FactFinder online tool and can also be accessed through the Census API.

The Census PoP Quiz app uses the following tables from the American Community Survey 5 Year Estimates:

B01001, B01002, B01003, B02001, B04001, B04004, B04006, B05002, B05012, B06001, B06010, B07003, B08006,
B08011, B08014,B08015, B08119, B08126, B08201, B08301, B08303, B08532,
B10001, B11003, B11016, B12001, B12002, B16001, B16010, B19001, B19013, B19037, B20004, B21001, B21002
B21003, B23004, B23006, B23008, B24011, B24080, B25001, B25003, B25008, B25010, B25017, B25024,
C24030, C24010

Terms of Service

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