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County Business Patterns

Popular data product profiles business in every U.S. county!

Availability: Available on CD-ROM/DVD (listing below), online in PDF format or as downloadable files online. Reports in PDF format may also be purchased from the Customer Services Center as a print-on-demand. The prices of these reports are determined by the page count (See Guide to Print-on-Demand Prices).

Format: 1998/99 and later, ASCII and Beyond 20/20 Browser. 1988/89-1996/97, DBase III+. GO Software included.

Subject content: Provides data by 2-, 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code on total number of establishments, mid-March employment, first quarter and annual payroll, and number of establishments by employment-size classes. Whereas data in the corresponding PDF reports are not shown for NAICS with fewer than 100 employees in a given area, there is no such restriction on the data files. This series excludes governmental establishments except for wholesale liquor establishments (NAICS 4228), retail liquor stores (NAICS 44531), federally chartered savings institutions (NAICS 522120), federally-chartered credit unions (NAICS 522130), and hospitals (NAICS 622).

Beginning in 1998, data are tabulated by industry as defined in the North American Industry Classification System: United States, 1997 (NAICS). Data for 1997 and earlier years are based on the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) System.

Geography: United States, states and counties (data for Puerto Rico are released only in PDF format via the Internet).

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Census contact: Customer Services Center (orders), 301-763-INFO(4636); Register Analysis Branch, (content), 301-763-2580.

County Business Patterns on CD-ROM/DVD:

  • County Business Patterns, 2003-2004 | V1-E04-CBPX-01-US1
  • County Business Patterns, 2002-2003 | C1-E03-CBPX-01-US1
  • County Business Patterns, 2001-2002 | C1-E02-CBPX-01-US1
  • County Business Patterns, 2000-2001 | C1-E01-CBPX-01-US1
  • County Business Patterns, 1999-2000 | C1-E00-CBPX-01-US1
  • County Business Patterns, 1998-1999 | C1-E99-CBPX-01-US1
  • County Business Patterns, 1996-1997 | C1-E97-CBPX-09-US1
  • County Business Patterns, 1995-1996 | C1-E96-CBPX-09-US1
  • County Business Patterns, 1994-1995 | C1-E95-CBPX-09-US1
  • County Business Patterns, 1993-1994 | C2-E94-CBPX-09-US1
  • County Business Patterns, 1992-1993 | C1-E93-CBPX-09-US1
  • County Business Patterns, 1991-1992 | C1-E92-CBPX-09-US1
  • County Business Patterns, 1990-1991 | C1-E91-CBPX-09-US1
  • County Business Patterns, 1989-1990 | C1-E90-CBPX-09-US1
  • County Business Patterns, 1988-1989 | C1-E89-CBPX-09-US1
  • County Business Patterns, 1987-1988 | C1-E88-CBPX-09-US1
  • County Business Patterns, 1986-1987 | C1-E87-CBPX-09-US1
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